Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 24th March 2022

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I had a sort of weird moussaka meets lasagne meets pasta bake thing for my dinner last night from Lidl. It tasted nice but also wrong at the same time and I’ll probably buy it again. Pastitsio it was called, so if you like doing your shopping at Lidl it might be worth keeping a look out for it.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott should have Dynamite for us. There’s still time to read my recent WrestleMania opening matches review. J did a very good edition of Dream Matches so give that one a read. Logan is nearing the end of his journey into 1990 WWF. Thomas uploaded a Smackdown 2007 review recently

News from Cultaholic

The Young Bucks are going back to AAA

Do AAA fans enjoy the work rate aspect more these days? They were always more into the sizzle rather than the steak when I used to watch it

Delirious might soon be gone from ROH

18 years is one heck of a run to be fair to him

Today’s match is The Rock Vs Marc Mero

Have a gooden everyone!