What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – December 10, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in charge of this evening’s show.  The light blue preview screen for matches has been replaced by a dark red one.

Opening Contest:  The British Bulldog (4-0) defeats Boris Zhukov (4-8) after the running powerslam at 3:31:

This bout took place at the recent Wrestling Challenge tapings in Syracuse.  Since Zhukov has a stale gimmick, it is surprising that he gets to go 50/50 with the Bulldog, losing when his blind charge gets turned into a running powerslam.  The win is the first for the Bulldog over a more credible opponent, but it was not as impressive as his wins over jobbers.  Rating:  ½*

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment reiterates the Royal Rumble news announced on the syndicated shows.  Monsoon talks up Andre the Giant’s chances but messes up history, saying Andre was the first to put his “John Henry” on the contract.  Heenan is still upset about how Andre treated him at WrestleMania VI, knocking over his Hasbro action figure on the table.

The Undertaker’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

The Bushwhackers (26-2) beats Chris Duffy & Black Bart after Butch pins Duffy after a double stomachbreaker at 1:59:

The Gobbledy Gooker appears in the split screen and does the Bushwhacker arm swing.  The jobbers bump like mad for the Bushwhackers and Duffy loses for his team after taking the Battering Ram and double stomachbreaker.  Afterward, Butch makes it a point to lick an old lady in the crowd.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  The Rockers beg any team to face them because they are ready to go through them.  Randy Savage tells the Ultimate Warrior that he is wearing a belt that belongs to him.  He hilariously claims that “zillions of people” know he is better than the Warrior.

A replay of the Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet ad from Saturday Night’s Main Event airs.  Heenan says that he can vouch for the Blow Away Diet as he uses a foam Bossman nightstick to beat on the Andre Hasbro figure.

Buddy Rose (0-19) defeats Mario Mancini after a backbreaker at 4:56:

After suffering tons of losses throughout 1990, Rose finally gets into the win column.  It is a competitive match, showing that Rose is not going to get a sustained push despite the Blow Away Diet spot.  And the match is awful, with Rose moving deliberately between moves.  A nice twist is that a lot of Rose’s moves are linked to his massive weight, an irony that Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes miss on commentary.

Shane Douglas (9-1-1) pins the Black Demon after a flying body press at 1:34:

Douglas keeps rolling through the WWF underclass, working quickly to finish off the Demon,

The Barbarian (24-0) beats Battle Kat (3-0) with the flying clothesline at 3:32:

This feature match also came from the recent Wrestling Challenge taping.  It marks the end of the line for the Battle Kat character.  It would have been better for the Kat to dance into the ring and the Barbarian write him off with a Mafia kick.  However, there is television time to kill so the Barbarian dominates for a while, catches the Kat with a powerslam when the Kat dives off the second rope, and finishes with the flying clothesline.  Rating:  ½*

The Big Bossman-Mr. Perfect bout from The Main Event airs.  Heenan argues that he tried to help the Bossman in the match and he “accidentally” kicked the Bossman a few times in the process.

A replay of Brother Love’s talk with Dustin Rhodes and accompanying interference by Ted DiBiase, Virgil, and the Texas Tornado from Superstars is shown.

Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart) (26-3-2) wrestles Jimmy Snuka (20-2) to a double count out at 7:07:

These two squared off at the Superstars television taping in Rochester, New York.  The lack of Earthquake in Bravo’s corner is a subtle sign that Bravo’s push has ended.  Bravo is heavily reliant on chinlocks before Snuka makes a late comeback.  Hart provides a distraction that allows Bravo to knock Snuka off the top rope and the two brawl on the floor for a weak double count out.  This was awful as the bout had no redeeming qualities.  The result ends Snuka’s seventeen-match winning streak in singles competition.  Rating:  DUD

After the match, Bravo tries to beat up Snuka but eats a headbutt off the ropes.

Demolition’s squash from Superstars airs.

Sergeant Slaughter (w/General Adnan) (11-0) defeats Glen Ruth via submission to the Camel Clutch at 2:02:

Before the match, Hacksaw Jim Duggan does an insert promo criticizes Slaughter for wearing a “towel rag” over his head, considering it an affront to American values.  Ruth takes nice bumps from clotheslines so Slaughter does the move three times before locking in the Camel Clutch, remaining strong for his house show matches with Duggan.

Heenan counters Duggan’s argument by saying the First Amendment gives Slaughter the right to wear whatever he wants.  Monsoon takes the position that if Slaughter hates America, he should leave.

More promos with Mooney!  Rick Martel says Jake Roberts deserved his visual impairment and Roberts is not ready to face him.  Tugboat says he is on a mission to hunt down Earthquake, Dino Bravo, and Jimmy Hart with the help of his radar screen.

The Hart Foundation’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Tune in next week for Prime Time Wrestling’s 300th show!

The Last Word:  It was nice to see Buddy Rose get a win but his ring work illustrated why the WWF opted to make him a jobber because he bumped better than being in command of the match.  There is a long time before The Royal Rumble so the company is just laying the foundation for the show by pushing as many big names as it can.  And the end of the Battle Kat gimmick was the right call because Bob Bradley could not play the character effectively.

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