I’ll Believe it when I see it

As I re-visit some old Wrestlemania cards, I couldn't help but think about the Warrior's return at Wrestlemania XII. As a kid, even though I saw the hype videos every week leading up to the show, something in me didn't believe it was happening until he appeared at the show itself (the rest of his run is a different story). After his sudden departures in 1991 and 1992, I guess I felt let down by him and almost unwilling to accept he was making a comeback based on those negative feelings. Do you have any examples where you felt the same? Where a wrestler wasn't just rumored, but openly acknowledged as coming back on TV (could be any major company), and you still didn't think it was happening until that person made an appearance? I intentionally worded it that way because CM Punk would be the obvious answer for a lot of people if it was just based on rumor. 
Brock Lesnar in 2012.  Nowadays it’s no big deal when he does his big returns, but at the time he was coming off a huge UFC run and years of saying he’d never go back to fake fights again.  I didn’t believe it was going to happen until I actually saw him kicking Cena’s hat.