Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 21st March 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!

Didn’t properly close the door on my fridge over the weekend and had to throw everything out. Bad times. Always double check! Thankfully there wasn’t much left in there at the time.

Scheduled today on the Blog: I’m sure Rock Star Gary is going to have something for us. Rick recently uploaded a review of New Japan Strong. J will have Joshi Spotlight. Logan has some WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

More news on ROH from Tony Khan

If they’re having a TV show then I’m thinking they’ll have some proper contracts in place for the main talent?

IMPACT had to end a match early due to a botched finish

You can take the TNA name away but TNA’s DNA is still a part of that place isn’t it?

Today’s match is a Lucha Trios match from WCW

Have a gooden everyone!