Britt Baker

Hi Scott,

Why do you like Britt Baker so much? All of her promos are exactly the same and she’s not any good in the ring. She doesn’t sell for her opponents whatsoever. Thankfully, she finally lost the title. Not sure why you act like she’s the best woman wrestler in the world. Tony Khan is obviously in love with her. Is he paying you to gas her up?

How can you say that AEW needs to turn Britt babyface when they already book her like a babyface? They constantly put her in situations where the crowd is cheering for her and not for her opponent. They let her bury her opponents on the microphone, which does nothing for them. They let her sandbag her opponents in the ring and not sell for them. Why are you and Tony so obsessed with her?

Sounds like someone ELSE is a bit obsessed with her…