WWF Superstars – November 25th, 1995

November 25, 1995

From the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jim Ross


1-2-3 Kid w/ Ted DiBiase & Psycho Sid vs. Rich Meyers

We see the issues between Kid and Marty Jannetty from this past edition of “Monday Night RAW.” Kid hits a running dropkick in the corner and stays in control. He distracts the ref so Sid can rough up Meyers then goes back to landing kicks. Kid does some taunting after a suplex then we go to Marty Jannetty saying Kid surprised him to selling out to DiBiase as did hiding behind Sid but vows revenge. He even referenced how they were once tag partners. Kid drops Meyers with a spin kick as the announcers talk up a potential Kid/Jannetty match. Kid then slams Meyers and hits a middle rope leg drop before using two more spinning heel kicks for the win (3:33).

Thoughts: They are really establishing the Kid & Sid pairing here with Sid as his heavy while pushing on commentary how Kid sold out to DiBiase and turned his back on the fans.


We get a video package on Shawn Michaels from when he had the forfeit the Intercontinental Title last month at “In Your House” then the punishment he took at the Survivor Series culminating in a collapse this past Monday night on RAW in a match against Owen Hart. Vince says Shawn was worked up and the preliminary diagnosis is post concussion syndrome.


Later on in the show will be Smoking Gunns defending the Titles against Skip & Rad Radford. We then see Skip & Radford trading backstage.


Fatu vs. Reginald Walker

For those unaware, Walker is best known as Reggie B. Fine in Memphis. The announcers talk about Bret Hart winning the World Title for the 3rd time at Survivor Series. Fatu also appeared to have a new theme and it is the shits. Or maybe it was the same as before and I forgot. Walker cheap shots Fatu in the corner and hammers away but Fatu fights back. Vince promises to show us what Diesel said on RAW this past Monday night as Fatu dances after no-selling turnbuckle smashes then we go split screen with Fatu being thankful for changing our live and kids need to stay in school and say no to drugs. Fatu then heads up top and hits Walker with a splash for the win as Lawler yelled “Get out of the way, Reginald.” (2:14).

Thoughts: Not much to this as the announcers talked about the World Title scene and what Diesel said on RAW. Fatu is going back to the basic “stay in school and say no to drugs” routine as we saw in the introductory vignettes months ago.


Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. He hypes tonight’s Madison Square Garden card that has 9 matches including a slop match between Godwinn and Helmsley. Razor Ramon will defend the IC Title against Sid and Bret Hart defends the World Title against the Undertaker. Next, we hear from Jim Cornette & British Bulldog as they run down Diesel to hype their match. Cornette notes that Bulldog is undefeated since aligning together. Dok said they invited Diesel to comment on this match but he declined and said he will address fans tonight.


Bulldog is now in the ring for his match. Vince says we will see Diesel’s comments from RAW later on then we go to break.


Ad for the 1996 Royal Rumble sweepsteaks airs.


British Bulldog vs. Tony Williams

Match is joined-in-progress as Bulldog hammers away. Vince mentions how Bulldog will face his brother in-law, Bret Hart, for the title at In Your House with Ross adding that Bret has never beaten Bulldog. Bulldog drops Williams with a headbutt then continues to hammer away in the corner. The announcers continue to talk about Bulldog/Bret as Bulldog blocks a sunset flip then stomps away as the announcers now talk about Bret vs. Undertaker tonight at Madison Square Garden. Bulldog slams Williams but misses a leg drop and Williams hits a pair of dropkicks. Williams now heads up top but Bulldog catches him and hits a running powerslam for the win (3:15).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for Bulldog/Bret as we were also reminded how they are family. The match itself was really slow for what it was but Bulldog is the #1 contender so he will get a lot of TV time.


Through the commercials, we get one for “WrestleMania: The Arcade Game” for all the video game systems.


We get a clip of Diesel destroying Bret Hart and several referees after losing the title at Survivor Series. Since the encore airing has already happened they no longer have to use still photos. After this the Diesel promo from RAW airs in abbreviated form. The cut out the corporate puppet and stuff about Vince dropping the ball.


Heading to commercial we see Helmsley looking disgusted outside of a farm.


Henry O. Godwinn vs. Jason Ahrndt

We cut to Helmsley outside of a hog farm as he never realizes places like this existed and thought something like “Green Acres” was a figment of someone’s imagination. He remains disgusted about the smell and considers going vegetarian. The announcers run down the MSG card as we also learn that the Gunns will defend the Tag Team Titles against Yokozuna & Owen Hart. Guess that means Skip & Radford are not winning today on this show. We hear from Godwinn in an insert promo as he vows to treat Helmsley like other pretty boys in his town and toss him inside of a pig pen. Godwinn stays in control then hits the Slop drop for the win (1:51).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for the hog pen match at In Your House plus some hype for the MSG show too. They are giving Helmsley/Godwinn a lot of TV time, especially for a midcard feud.


Camera pans to Backlund in the crowd campaigning.


A hype video for next week’s 1-2-3 & Psycho Sid vs. Hakushi & Barry Horowitz match.


Henry Godwinn heads up the aisle then is yelled at by Bob Backlund, who is still in the crowd. Godwinn threatens to douse him with the slop bucket.


The Smoking Gunns are shown backstage warming up for the title match.


Goldust vs. Ken Raper

Ross shills his info about Shawn Michaels that you can learn about by calling the Superstar Line. Lawler says they should have used Goldust in the film “Golden Eye” as a “faggot” chant breaks out in the crowd. The announcers talk about Goldust’s “bizarre” appearance but Vince assures us he can handle himself. Goldust slaps Raper across the face then hammers away. He drops Raper with a clothesline and stays in control of the match. Goldust taunts the crowd as Ross says that Goldust will be part of some huge matches in the next week. Goldust then drops Raper with an uppercut before hitting a lifting inverted DDT, dubbed a “curtain call of sorts” by Ross for the win (2:15).

Thoughts: Goldust moved around much better here and seemed a lot more comfortable in this role than he did at the last set of TV tapings.


An ad for the next In Your House PPV, which airs on December 17th.


Barry Didinsky shills the new Bret Hart t-shirt. It lists all of his title reigns on the back. $20 plus


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Skip & Rad Radford w/ Sunny vs. Smoking Gunns (c)

Before the match, Lawler tells us that he will now focus on defeating Bret Hart for the World Title thus not having enough time to commentate on Superstars. Skip and Billy start off with a fast-paced Irish whip sequence. Vince then asks Lawler about who will replace him next week as the champs work over Radford. Lawler says he has a replacement lined up as the Gunns stay in control. Skip low-bridges Bart then stomps away on the floor. Skip roughs up Bart then Radford comes out and hammers away. Billy tries for the save but the ref backs him and that allows the challengers to hammer away. We go to break with Sunny bouncing up and down about her team becoming champions then return with Radford hammering away. Bart fights back until Sunny trips him up as Ross refers to her as a “jezebel.” Skip is in and works a chin lock as Vince asks Lawler what type of training he will be doing for the title chase. Lawler salivates over the prospect of beating Bret for the title as Bart gets dumped outside. Skip wipes out Bart with a somersault plancha then the action goes back inside. Bart manages to take Radford over with a backslide but is sent back down with a dropkick. Skip tags and hits a flying leg drop for a two count. Radford is in and goes for a rocket launcher but it was way off then Bart finally makes the tag. Billy runs wild then the match breaks down. Skip accidentally bumps Sunny off of the apron then Radford gets hit with the Sidewinder as the champs retain (9:22) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match itself was fine but the crowd did not care and the announcers were not focused on the match with most of the focus being Vince asking Lawler about challenging Bret for the title and wondering who will be the replacement on commentary. Plus, I cannot imagine anyone thinking the challengers had a shot to win the belts.


WWF Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. We learn tonight is the MSG debut for both Ahmed Johnson and Goldust. We then see promos from both Bret Hart and Undertaker with Paul Bearer to hype their title match. A graphic for Savio Vega vs. Dean Douglas also appeared but that match never happened. And we will find out about that soon.


Lawler promises to reveal his replacement while he goes into “championship training.”


Back from break as next week in action are Razor Ramon, Ahmed Johnson, and King Mabel in a handicap match.


After another quick break, Mr. Perfect heads to the ring in a suit as we learn that this is Lawler’s replacement.


Final Thoughts: Not too much this week with the good parts of RAW shown. Next week’s card doesn’t look any better, however, but with a PPV in three weeks they need to start getting things into motion.