Do we take AEW’s growth for granted?

The buyrates for the Revolution show tell a pretty remarkable story.

Revolution 2020: 90,000 buys
Revolution 2021: 135,000 buys
Revolution 2022: 160-170,00 buys (estimated)

I remember in 2020, people were impressed they almost hit 100k again. Then last year, the number was thought by some to just be a function of the death match main event. But this year, they are close to doubling their buyrate for the same show in two years – that's insane, right? And that's without Kenny Omega (an established draw) and Cody (maybe not so much of a draw).

I feel like everyone is so focused on AEW vs WWE and the weekly minutiae of ratings that we tend to ignore AEW's growth as a whole. It's crazy how they not only survived through the pandemic, but came through on the other end way stronger. 

The Double or Nothing show, especially if they run Punk/Hangman on top for the title, could be an absolute monster show. I know Tony Khan originally wanted that to be their signature show before COVID messed up the Vegas routine – I feel like they will go all out (no pun intended) to set a new buyrate record in May. 

Man, if they can get that rumored streaming deal with HBO Max, there's gonna be a lot of very rich people in that company.