Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 16th March 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I went with one more Razor Ramon picture for the Daily today, just because I dig this one. If they ever make a new GTA game set in Vice City then they should totally make this DLC, complete with the belt.

Scheduled today on the Blog: I’ll be reviewing WrestleMania 27. J will have more Dream Matches. Logan will have some more WWF from 1990. I’m sure Scott and Thomas will furnish us with reviews of some kind as well

News from Cultaholic

Sharmell Huffman to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Good for her to be honest. Not even being facetious

Wardlow looking to cut more promos

He was decent last week, so I’m all for that

Today’s match is Blue Panther Vs Villano V

Have a gooden everyone!