Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 14th March 2022

Happy Monday Everyone!

The talk of the wrestling world over the weekend was the respective health of both Big E and Scott Hall.

Morning Update: I had originally put something in here yesterday evening wishing both men well and left it at that, but it sounds like Hall’s situation sadly won’t improve. This is tragic news for his friends and family, and I send my deepest condolences at this sad time, as I’m sure we all will

Tomorrow’s daily thread will be a proper tribute to Hall as opposed to this one just being the standard one we usually do. Apologies to everyone on that front but I’m currently at work and snuck out quickly just to add this update

Scheduled today on the Blog: Rock Star Gary has some AWA. J has Joshi Spotlight. Logan has WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Paige VanZant to continue bare knuckle boxing career

That article kind of reads like she’s going to do that more out of a contractual obligation than anything else, although I could be wrong and fighting in bare knuckle that is a real passion project for her

Pete Dunne is now “Butch”

R.D. Reynolds is already doing lunges and other aerobic exercises so that he’s nicely primed for the future WrestleCrap induction this will spawn

Today’s video is some classic All Japan finishers

Have a gooden everyone!