Youthful Ignorance

Curious what wrestlers you loved as a kid and viewed as clearly top of the card talents, even if retrospectively you see and get why they weren't. 

My big one was easily The British Bulldog. Was a big dude but way more agile then equally muscley cohorts. Always seemed featured. Won the IC title. All the Bret connections too made me view him as the next to be a world champ. Hell, when he
almost won the Rumble? I personally enjoyed and bought into his heel run where he had some main event matches, but can see with hindsight he fit as a kind of filler feud and not more.

Any for you and the gang?

Well, I'm gonna have to go with the guy that this blog is basically dedicated to meming for the past two decades, the king of the Apter mags himself, Lex Luger.