March Madness Reset: March 13, 2022

Okay, so Duke is a 2 seed and will face Michigan State or Davidson if they get to Round 2.  How does Duke keep finding Michigan State?

South Dakota State at 30-4 against a Providence team that only wins close games?  Probably the most intriguing first round matchup.

Best second round matchup?  I’m going Murray State against Kentucky.  Also, inject UCLA/Saint Mary’s into my veins.

Enjoy the bracket talk… and the other talk.  Get well soon Scott Hall.

I’ll update this post with some women’s thoughts when that bracket goes up in an hour.

Okay, women’s thoughts: NC State got screwed by having to play Connecticut in Connecticut in the Elite Eight if it gets there.  Iowa/Iowa State running into each other will be amazing.  Not sure why the two West Coast Conference teams are in the same regional — I thought that was not allowed.  Florida State sneaking in over Boston College is weird.  And the 12 over 5 I’m all in on is Stephen F. Austin over North Carolina… but the most likely one is Florida Gulf Coast, a 29-2 team, over Virginia Tech.