Amazing idea for AEW (Keith Lee/Powerhouse Hobbs

I think everyone has started to notice that Keith Lee looks really old slow and fat right now. What if AEW had Lee gain a shitload of weight over the next 15 months and have him close to 500 pounds. Then Tony Khan can announce that on July 4th, 2023 they will have a Keith Lee bodyslam challenge on the U.S.S Intreped. Many AEW superstars, c level celebrities and athletes fail until we see a helicopter land on deck. Out walks Powerhouse Hobbs who bodyslams Lee to a huge pop and the start of a big babyface run. 

How could this fail?

Look, I don't want to pick on Keith too much because he had a hard time with his health issues and then got a s--- deal from WWE, but yeah, he really needs to work out his issues and get back into some semblance of the old Keith Lee.  As it stands he's cruising off the one performance against Kassidy and doing little else than standing around and having smaller guys bounce off him.  That's fine for an undercard Dark character I guess but really we want way more out of him.