NXT UK – March 10, 2022

Date: March 10, 2022
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s time for another title match as Noam Dar will be defending the Heritage Cup against Joe Coffey in the main event. The other big match will see A-Kid facing Charlie Dempsey in what could be a spectacle of technical wrestling. This show is such a breath of air compared to the main roster stuff so let’s get to it.

We open with a look at the Heritage Cup Title match.

Opening sequence.

Charlie Dempsey vs. A-Kid

During his entrance, Dempsey says he’s doing this himself, without Die Familie. Dempsey’s early cravate is escaped with a cartwheel and they stare at each other a bit. A-Kid gets taken down by the arm but reverses into a headlock. That is countered into a headscissors as they stay with the technical stuff to start. They go to the test of strength and flip around a bunch, with Dempsey bridging up on his neck.

A-Kid can’t break it down no matter what and gives up, looking a bit disturbed as a result. With that not working, it’s time to slug it out until an Octopus sends Dempsey to the ropes for the break. A-Kid starts twisting on the ankle instead but has to fight out of a kneebar, instead kneeing Dempsey in the head. Back up and Dempsey goes right back to the knee before switching things up with Cattle Mutilation. Dempsey switches to an armbar but A-Kid slips out so Dempsey grabs a fisherman’s suplex for two.

A-Kid is back with his own suplex for his own two but can’t get an arm crank. Instead he settles for an enziguri to drop Dempsey, which draws out Rohan Raja for a distraction. That’s enough for Dempsey to grab Checkmate (Where he ties up the head and leg so that A-Kid is almost kicking himself in the back of the head. It’s almost like he is covering and hooking the leg backwards.) for the tap at 12:34.

Rating: B-. This was the kind of technical exchange that is always going to be entertaining. Dempsey is quite the savage on the mat and knows how to make it look like he is destroying people. A-Kid is awesome, and now he might be on his way to the regular NXT, which should be quite good for everyone.

Sid Scala announces that an American is on his way here…but Wolfgang interrupts. That’s perfect for Scala, who gives Wolfgang a match with Roderick Strong next week.

We look back at Isla Dawn attacking Meiko Satomura last week to interrupt her special ceremony. The title match is in two weeks.

Aleah James is asked about the Women’s Title match but Stevie Turner interrupts to ask why we should care what James thinks. James walks away from her chattering.

Danny Jones/Josh Morrell vs. Symbiosis

Primate hiptosses Morrell over to start but gets caught with a pop up dropkick. T-Bone comes in so Jones does as well, setting up an exchange of shoulders. Jones takes over on the arm and it’s Morrell coming in with a top rope stomp to the arm. T-Bone pulls Morrell into the corner though and the beating is on, including Primate coming in off the middle rope with an ax handle to the back.

Morrell shrugs it off though and the hot tag brings in Jones to start cleaning house. T-Bone gets knocked down and Morrell climbs on top of Jones’ shoulders, setting up a Spiral Tap for two. That’s enough for T-Bone though, who is back with a powerslam and brings in Primate for a top rope headbutt and the pin at 6:04.

Rating: C. Jones and Morrell continue to be some of the more promising guys around here and it is nice to see them getting their chance here, even if they lose to a bigger team like Symbiosis. I don’t know if Symbiosis is going to the title scene, but they could make for some good challengers for Moustache Mountain. Not a showcase for either of them, but it did well enough.

Post match Symbiosis celebrates but Wild Boar runs in for his return and clears them out with a chair.

Nina Samuels mocks Emilia McKenzie, who steals the mic and asks how Samuels must feel to be this desperate for attention.

Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter think Moustache Mountain is trying to get out of the Tag Team Title rematch but Trent Seven tells them to earn it in a pair of singles matches. We’ll start next week.

Heritage Cup: Noam Dar vs. Joe Coffey

Coffey is challenging and has Mark Coffey to cancel out Sha Samuels. Round one begins with Dar circling around him before his leg dive attempt is thrown away. Coffey cranks on a wristlock before taking him to the mat. A Boston crab is escaped so Coffey goes after the leg again, only to have Dar grab the ropes as the first round ends.

Round two begins with Coffey grabbing a headlock takeover and grinds away for the first minute. Dar slips out and kicks away at the ribs but Coffey snaps off a hard German suplex. A running shoulder in the corner gives Coffey the pin at 2:25 of the first round and 6:11 overall.

Round three begins with Dar having to pull himself up so Coffey knocks him right back down. A top rope spinning crossbody gives Coffey two but Dar is back with a kick to the head. The kneebar doesn’t work for Dar so he rolls Coffey up to tie the score at 1:49 of the round and 8:35 total.

Round four begins with Dar going to the arm to cut off the slugout but stops to yell at the camera. Dar kicks him down and stays on the arm but Coffey gets to the apron for a hard slingshot shoulder. They’re both down for a bit until Coffey gets the Boston crab, sending Dar straight to the rope as the round ends. They fight to the floor between rounds though and Dar gets in a cheap shot.

Round five begins with Dar running over a staggered Coffey in the corner. The Nova Roller is cut off by a flying headbutt/shoulder though and they’re both down again. Coffey hits a clothesline for a knockdown but Dar is back up to badly lose a slugout. All The Best For The Bells knocks Dar silly but Samuels puts the foot on the rope. The distraction lets Dar hit the Nova Roller for the pin at 2:54 of the round and 15:45 total to retain.

Rating: C+. This wasn’t a bad match but it was the kind that came and went. Dar might have felt like he was in a bit of danger but it was nothing serious, even if Coffey winning the title could have been interesting. They seem to see something in Dar holding the Cup for a long time and I could go with that, but this was only a pretty good match.

Overall Rating: C+. In something I’ve said before about other promotions, they’re going to be fine if this is one of their bad ones. The star power wasn’t really around this time and they focused on the midcard guys, which worked out fairly well. You can’t have the big names on every week so it isn’t some horrible idea. Good enough show, though they have had better ones.


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