What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – November 26, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan run tonight’s show, returning to the studio for this week’s broadcast.  Monsoon asks Heenan what he thinks about Brother Love wanting to be a manager.  Heenan says Love asked his permission first.  He also asks Monsoon if “Cyclops” is appearing in reference to Jake Roberts.

Roberts’ squash from Wrestling Challenge airs.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment replays WWF President Jack Tunney’s statement about Demolition and Mr. Fuji.

Shane Douglas (7-1-1) pins the Brooklyn Brawler (2-16) with a sunset flip at 10:19:

Although these two tussled on Wrestling Challenge, this match is from Madison Square Garden on October 19.  To cover up for Monsoon and Heenan appearing at ringside with headsets even though Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes are commentating, Mooney says that Monsoon and Heenan are doing a separate, special broadcast for the armed forces overseas.  The recent Challenge match was better than this as the Brawler stalls and works over the rookie with long bearhugs, causing the match to be showered with “Boring!” chants.  Douglas mounts a nice comeback after a blind charge and the match has a good finish when the Brawler’s third effort to do a shoulder thrust in the corner gets countered with a sunset flip.  Rating:  *¼

The Bushwhackers-Orient Express clash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Okerlund’s interview with the Big Bossman on Wrestling Challenge airs. Afterward, Heenan says that Monsoon needs to relay a message to the Bossman that he is legitimately sorry for his comments.

Haku’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.  Monsoon asks Heenan after the match why he has never set Haku loose.  Heenan says he is about to set he and Haku loose on the Bossman if the Bossman will not back off.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart say that no one can stop them from rising to the top of the WWF, including Hulk Hogan and Tugboat.  Dusty Rhodes puts over his son, Dustin, and says he looks forward to facing Ted DiBiase one-on-one or in tag team matches.

Power & Glory (w/Slick) (16-0) defeat Dan Robbins & Alan Reynolds when Paul Roma pins Robbins after the Powerplex at 2:54:

Robbins, a lanky jobber, has a rough go of it, taking a Roma dropkick clean in the face and eating a stiff clothesline from Hercules.  The Powerplex puts him out of his misery in a little less than three minutes.

A replay of the closing moments of the Ultimate Warrior’s title defense against Ted DiBiase on The Main Event is shown, along with the post-match promos by Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri and the Warrior.

WWF Tag Team Championship Match:  The Hart Foundation (Champions) (22-0-1) beat Rhythm & Blues (26-2-1) when Bret pins the Honky Tonk Man after heel miscommunication at 6:11:

This bout also comes from Madison Square Garden on October 19, where it was the last match on the card.  In another sign that a Bret Hart singles push is coming, Jim Neidhart is placed into peril by the heels so Bret gets to shine after the hot tag.  The only problem with this match layout is that the Blues have some dreadful offense and Neidhart’s selling is not great.  All hell breaks loose after Bret lands the second rope elbow drop on Honky and when Greg Valentine tries to hit Bret with a guitar, Bret moves, Honky takes the blow, and that allows the Foundation to retain in what constitutes the on-air blowoff of the feud.  Rating:  *½

The Warlord (22-0) beats Tito Santana (16-12-1) with a stun gun at 8:29 shown:

The match is joined in progress, taking place at the London Gardens in London, Ontario, Canada on April 29.  If one put timeline issues aside, this could be billed as the Warlord trying to avenge his elimination from the Grand Finale at Survivor Series.  The Warlord slowly works over Santana like a squash match until a blind charge allows Santana to fire back at the seven-minute mark.  However, when Santana goes for the flying forearm, the Warlord catches him with a stun gun and remains undefeated in singles competition.  Santana is going in the opposite direction, losing his sixth straight singles match.  Rating:  *

Rick Martel’s squash match from Superstars is shown.

Heenan reminds viewers that Prime Time Wrestling is nearing its 300th episode.  He is excited about the prospect of winning an Emmy.

Dustin Rhodes (w/Dusty Rhodes) (3-0) pins the Genius (4-2-1) after a bulldog at 2:12:

It looks like this bout came from the recent Wrestling Challenge taping.  The Genius has abandoned the blonde wig gimmick, now wearing a much shorter hairstyle than he started the year with.  He gets squashed by the younger Rhodes, finished with a bulldog after his finishing moonsault eats knees.

Heenan alleges that Rhodes cannot do anything in the WWF without help.  Saying he needed Sapphire’s help before and now he is relying on his son.

More promo time with Mooney!  The Warlord and Slick put over their goal of winning the WWF Championship.  Tugboat says he has three targets in the WWF:  Jimmy Hart, Earthquake, and Dino Bravo.  He makes ship analogies to argue that all three are on borrowed time.

Randy Savage (w/Sensational Sherri) (8-2) defeats Dale Wolfe after the flying elbow drop at 1:52:

Savage aims to get over his ferocity, attacking Wolfe in his ring gear.  Sherri also does her part to beat up Wolfe behind the referee’s back.  Sadly, Savage dispenses with his sunglasses halfway through the match so the audience is robbed of a cool visual of him doing his finisher with them.  After the match, Savage grabs an Ultimate Warrior posted from a fan and shreds it.

Monsoon and Heenan spend several minutes putting over Savage’s ability, talking up his efforts at playing professional baseball.

The Last Word:  There were more feature matches that prior editions of Prime Time, a possible reaction by the company to sagging television ratings.  While the quality of the wrestling was below average at least this show featured the blowoff to the Hart Foundation-Rhythm & Blues feud.

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