ECW On Sci Fi – October 2, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: October 2, 2007
Location: Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio
Attendance: 3,000
Commentators: Tazz, Joey Styles

It’s time to find out who is going to challenge CM Punk for the ECW World Title with the finals of the Championship Chase. That being said, Big Daddy V seems primed to be the next big monster challenger. The problem is I’m not sure what he can do outside of a short title shot. Let’s get to it.

Here is Vince McMahon to open things up with a major announcement: John Cena has suffered a torn pectoral muscle and we see a clip of last night’s match with Mr. Kennedy where Cena was injured. We also see Randy Orton attacking Cena after the match, which is where Vince says the injury took place (makes sense). As a result, Cena will be out of action for six to twelve months, so the WWE Title is officially vacant. That won’t last for very long though, as the new champion will be crowned on Sunday at No Mercy in a way to be announced.

Here is CM Punk for a chat of his own. Punk says we are five days away from No Mercy and he should be ready for whoever becomes #1 contender. Instead he can’t get his mind off of Big Daddy V, who laid him out last week. Punk respects V, who also has his attention. Matt Striker and V pop up on screen, with Striker saying V’s message is clear: he wants the title. As for Punk, good luck on his upcoming match.

CM Punk vs. Mike Knox

Non-title. Punk starts cranking on the wrist to start and takes him to the mat for a hammerlock. Knox punches away and hits a dropkick before grabbing a hammerlock of his own. Some knees to the arm set up a hammerlock slam but Punk is up with a running dropkick for a breather. We take a break and come back with Knox snapping Punk’s throat across the top rope for two and putting on the chinlock. A hard clothesline sets up another chinlock but Punk fights up and hits a dropkick. The running knee connects in the corner but the bulldog is blocked. That’s fine with Punk, who picks him up for the GTS and the pin.

Rating: C. I know they’re trying something with Knox, but there are only so many ways around him being a generic villain. He has some size and some power but that’s the extent of anything about him. He’s fine as a guy who is there, but on a show with only an hour a week, you need something a little more than basic villains and wrestlers.

Video on Tommy Dreamer.

Here is Balls Mahoney, who would like an answer from Kelly Kelly on their proposed date. Kelly comes out and, after being asked again, says yes. Cue Miz and the rest of Extreme Expose, with Miz mocking Mahoney. He tries to get to Kelly, but Mahoney knocks him to the floor. That doesn’t bother Miz though, as he owns Extreme Expose’s management contract. If Kelly doesn’t come with them right now, she is off the team and out of ECW. Kelly reluctantly leaves with them.

Video on Elijah Burke.

No Mercy rundown.

Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer

For the No Mercy title shot. Dreamer, in the dew rag, goes with the early rollup for two before tying Burke in the Tree of Woe. The running dropkick connects for two and Dreamer throws him outside. We take a break and come back with Burke grabbing a chinlock. Dreamer fights up so Burke punches him down, only to get caught with a flapjack. Burke is back up with a whip into the corner and there’s the headstand elbow for two but Dreamer is right back with the DDT for the pin out of nowhere.

Rating: C-. This felt really fast and ultimately, neither option was all that interesting. Burke vs. Punk has been done several times and Dreamer getting a title shot is only there for nostalgia. It actually would have been more interesting to have Stevie Richards in this spot, though I can get why WWE would not want to go there.

Post match Armando Estrada says the Elimination Chase isn’t over, so Dreamer has to beat one more man to win the title shot.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Big Daddy V

V slams him down and hits a falling headbutt before standing on….the ropes near Dreamer. The closeup showed that V wasn’t actually touching Dreamer, showing that closeups are not always a good idea in wrestling. V tosses Dreamer again but misses a headbutt, allowing Dreamer to strike away. That doesn’t matter as V hits a big boot and a Samoan drop, setting up the big elbow for the fast pin. I’m not wild on them throwing in a last second curve like this but it means Dreamer doesn’t get a feature match so things are looking up.

Overall Rating: C. Other than the Miz/Mahoney/Kelly Kelly stuff, this was all about going to the more logical title match rather than Burke or Dreamer. It might not make sense for what they have been doing over the last few weeks, but it is the right call for what they have available. Not a great show, but it dragged them to the better option for No Mercy.



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