Blog of DOOM Daily Thread avec AEW Revolution Thoughts – 8th March 2022

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I decided I wouldn’t do a full AEW Revolution review and would just give some thoughts on the matches below the break line. I’ll try to avoid any spoilers regards match results in case any here haven’t watched the show yet and are intending to do so. We’ll then get into the usual Daily Thread stuff.

Eddie Kingston busting out a STRETCH PLUM on worldwide pay per view was something my All Japan loving ass enjoyed immensely! The match itself was really good. Bit OTT for an opener with all the near falls and whatnot, but it was still a highly enjoyable scrap and I’m interested to see where they go next.

The three way tag was a good mix of traditional tag elements and big moves. Jungle Boy sold well and this was probably the best Luchasaurus has ever looked. reDRagon fit in really well here and The Bucks have clearly been sent from the Planet High Spot to destroy us all. Kool Kyle doing the Shane O Mac styled belt shot popped me as well. The finishing stretch was utterly exhilarating and this one is worth seeking out.

The Green Hill Zone Ladder Match was fun and innovative when it came to some of the ladder spots. All three of the big lads fighting at once was a cool visual. Having them in this match worked for me, although some will disagree I’m sure. Ricky Starks needs to stop taking bumps on his neck though, especially on ladders.

Swerve should be a good pick up for them.

Jade’s MK inspired gear was a nice touch. The match itself was decent as well. Tay did a very impressive looking piledriver at one stage. Jade continues to improve as well, and this Girlberg gimmick is working.

Punk busting out the classic music for the dog collar match was great. Tony’s “we apologise for MJF being alive” line was classic as well when Excalibur first apologised for MJF swearing. I’m sure Vince was clutching pearls based on the swearing and the blood. This was the bloody intense fight it needed to be. It’s one of those matches that won’t be for everyone, but it was great at what it wanted to be. This will surely be in the running for feud of the year I think. Another good match in a series of them. Scott’s ***3/4 seemed to create controversy amongst those thinking it wasn’t high enough, but such a rating is darn great and hardly a slap in the face for those guys.

I felt bad for the women having to follow that match. I thought the new design for the Women’s belt is a definite improvement. This was a decent match and it had better heat than I initially feared it would. Rosa’s selling was good and Baker’s character work is always top notch. I think the heat dissipated a bit as it wore on, but the match was fine for the most part. Doing the unsanctioned match so early in the feud was always going to give any follow up matches an uphill battle. They got them into the near falls at the end, though I could live with Rebel not taking anymore big bumps like the one she took off the apron. This ended up being a decent match and I’m interested to see where they go next with the division. I’m not sure what the fans were doing with their phones whilst the match was going on though.

Danielson Vs Moxley was a good hard hitting bout that was consistently believable and delivered on the promised violence. Whether we need MORE blood after the MJF/Punk match was debatable, but the storyline kind of needed it so I’ll give it a pass. The post-match was incredible as well and I am #EXCITE for where they go next!

The Trios match had vibes of NOD Vs Ahmed and LOD from Mania 13 and I’ve always enjoyed that one. This was wild fun but I can definitely see it being too much for some. Sting is a madman though I’ll say that much.

I enjoyed the main event and thought it really delivered in the ring, although I doubt it would convert any Adam Cole haters. I’ve never seen such a good wrestler get so much wild hatred in my life. Hangman is my guy and that’s another World Title match where he brought the goods

Overall I thought the show was an easy candidate for Show of the Year and it’ll be interesting to see if it’s still in the running when end of year voting starts.

Right, let’s move on to the usual Daily Thread content.

Scheduled today on the Blog: I’m sure Thomas will have Raw for us. Still time to read  yesterday’s Joshi Spotlight and WWF 1990 review from J and Logan respectively

Now some news from Cultaholic

Vader to be inducted to the Hall of Fame

Well deserved. It would have been nice if they could have done it when he was still alive

Cody’s WWE debut now “uncertain”

They’d be nuts not to sign him to be honest. Look at all the buzz surrounding him since he left AEW

Today’s match is Andre Vs Hogan at WrestleMania III

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