Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Happy Monday Night!

We got a live RAW, a streamed AEW, a bunch of very important college basketball games that will lead to tournament berths.

AEW Revolution reviews were out very quickly Sunday night with Tommy and Scott providing good reads. Overall it seemed like the card was well received.

In other news. Smackdown and Rampage ratings were up, apparently Smackdown hit pretty big numbers so maybe that whole Brock-Roman thing is accomplishing what it was designed to do.

Former UFC champion and occasional wrestler Cain Velasquez learned that opening fire on a car during a high speed chase isn’t going to be looked at lightly, even if the anger was probably justified.

Here’s Ken Patera’s one shining moment, a Texas Death Match against Bob Backlund in 1980. It was named Match of the Year.

Keep. It. Clean.