Undertaker at WM 13

Before all the changes that happened at WM 13 with Shawn pulling out, what were the original plans for Undertaker?  Did he get the title after all the fallout because they didn't have a top Babyface?  Do you think they should have just left the title on Bret
after the Final Four and done Bret vs Austin Submission Match for the title as the main event?

A lot of it was that business was down and Vince always goes back to the big guys when that happens, so we got Sid and Undertaker on top again.  I think that given hindsight Bret would have been the better choice to keep the belt because he got so hot and Undertaker was mostly an afterthought as champion anyway. But at the time you can’t have known the Hart thing would explode like it did.  1997 was the Wild West.