Your top or worst crowd killing moments.


Curious as to what you would call some of the top or worst crowd killing moments. I know Dusty finished messed things up for the NWA in certain cities years ago. I also think of Bruno losing to Ivan Koloff even though I don’t know if there is even any footage of that moment. I’ve heard it labels as the day MSG cried. 

I think back to WWE in 2003. HHH pinning Flair on the Raw in Greenville when they built Flair up all show. Also Austin team losing the Survivor Series match in Dallas with Orton pinning Michaels after the big comeback. Then at the end of the year in San Antonio when it looked like Shawn had beaten HHH for the world championship only for Bischoff to say both men’s shoulders were down and a tie goes to the champion.

What crowd killing/ deflating moments come to your mind? 
Anytime X-Pac beat Kane it would just suck the life out of the crowd.  That Baron Corbin win over Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania was a real pointless downer as well.