How do you “kill a town”?

Hi Scott –


I’ve heard the phrase “killed the town” lately or in Ric Flair’s book he said “that basically  killed the town for the Horsemen”.


What does that mean? If you’re talking about house shows, wouldn’t the audience and crowd be much different each time through the loop? Do audience members REALLY remember the results from a house show 30/60/90 days prior?

I can see it when it happens on TV or PPV Premium Live Events – but in a specific town seemed like a little bit of naval-gazing to me.


Dino Bravo Sucks


Dino Bravo killed a lot of towns.  

The most specific and famous example was Starrcade 87 in Chicago, where everyone thought the Road Warriors would finally win the tag titles and then they got beat instead.  Crockett never drew there again.  It happened to the WWF in Dallas as well for whatever reason, as they did brutal business there for years and never recovered until the modern era.  I’m not even sure what happened there.