Biggest Match of All Time

So as we are on the road to wrestlemania and are about the witness the biggest wrestling match of all time between Brock and Roman, I am curious what you have ranked as your current top 5? To me the list is not just who wrestled the best technical match but also takes into account crowd response, money generated, and the historical impact it had on the wrestling industry. My 5 are below with two additional honorable mentions. I didn't purposely mean to have so many Hogan matches but you can't argue the mark he made on wrestling history. 

Hogan vs Rock
Hogan vs Warrior
Hogan vs Andre
Goldberg vs Hogan
Rock vs Stone Cold (mania 17)

Honorable mentions-
Sting vs Flair (Clash of the Champions)
Hogan vs Macho-Mega powers Explode 

Sting v. Flair should be higher based on historical impact and ratings.  I’d put Rock v. Cena on there too.  Hogan v. Andre obviously.  And of course whoever Hook is wrestling against on Rampage next.