There's a lot of rumours/baseless speculation/wishful thinking that Tony Khan's announcement is an AEW/NJPW supershow. Omega vs Okada in America for the first time feels like a given if it happens, but what else do you put on the card? I'd go with…

Omega vs Okada

Danielson vs Ibushi

Moxley vs Tanahashi

Punk vs KENTA

Cole vs Ospreay

Lee vs Ishii

OC vs Yano

Darby vs Takahashi

Inner Circle vs Suzuki-Gun

House Of Black vs Bullet Club

Pinnacle vs LIJ

Huge pre-show battle royal

I'm going with Tony Khan buying ROH as the big announcement personally. The timing fits because they're supposed to be relaunching right away, and that gives AEW a feeder system and somewhere to send all the talent they're stockpiled.