Vince wrestling at Mania?!

One of the wrestling newz sites said there’s talk of Vince McMahon wrestling Pat McAfee at Mania this year

I’m guessing we’ll instead get one of Austin Theory or Corey Graves doing the wrestling against McAfee whilst Vince just loiters at ringside and maybe takes one Mae Young bump

Kind of highlights just how out of ideas and desperate they are right now to do the whole “break glass to push emergency Vince Mania angle button” thing in order to try and sell more tickets though

They are morphing more into dark days WCW every year

Honestly if they couldn't sell tickets with their hottest program being hotshotted into a title unification match, I don't see Vince McMahon selling the other 40,000 or whatever they need.  But then I'm not even sure why they're still so obsessed with giant stadium gates anyway, since their entire business is guaranteed TV money and Saudi bribes.