MJF’s Promo (and Jews in NY)

No doubt that MJF cut a fantastic promo a few days ago, but I was surprised that a lot of people thought that he (the character) was being genuine. Maybe it will turn out that he was telling the truth, but there was one particular part of the promo that basically confirmed to me that he was lying through his teeth: the part where he said that there were only two or three other Jewish kids in his school.

I'm Jewish. I was born in Manhattan and grew up on Long Island. I've lived in all four counties of LI: Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau (where Plainview is located), and Suffolk. Believe me, there is NO WAY ON EARTH that there were only “two or three” other Jewish kids at his school. So unless AEW exists in some alternate reality where Jews don't make up a large percentage of the NYC and LI populations, then yes, MJF was just manipulating Punk and the audience.

Just wanted to share my interpretation of the promo, because people that aren't familiar with the area may not have picked up on that.
The story has layers!