ECW On Sci Fi – September 25, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: September 25, 2007
Location: Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
Commentators: Tazz, Joey Styles

Things are in a bit of a weird place at the moment as CM Punk is the ECW World Champion but doesn’t have the best crop of challengers. The Elimination Chase is still going, but none of the three involved are the most interesting. The good sign is that the Chase gives us some other story outside of what Punk is doing so maybe there is some hope. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke vs. Kevin Thorn

Whoever takes the fall is eliminated from the Elimination Chase To No Mercy. Thorn elbows Dreamer out to the floor and slams Burke for an early two. Burke is back with a hiptoss as Dreamer finally gets smart by letting the other two fight. That lasts all of a few seconds before Dreamer goes back inside to beat on both of them. Back up and Thorn sends Dreamer shoulder first into the post before they go to a pinfall reversal sequence. Burke comes in to trade covers with Dreamer as well and we take a break.

We come back with Dreamer slugging away at Thorn, who takes him down into a chinlock. Dreamer gets knocked outside and dropped, leaving Thorn to beat on Burke. An over the shoulder backbreaker gives Thorn two but Burke hits him in the face. Dreamer comes back in to put Burke in the Tree of Woe, only to have Thorn cut Dreamer off. Burke hits Dreamer in the face but Dreamer goes up top for a super sunset flip on Thorn. The Texas Cloverleaf has Burke in more trouble until Thorn makes a weird save. The DDT plants Thorn, only to have Burke throw Dreamer outside to steal the pin on Thorn.

Rating: C+. I’m still not sure why one of them didn’t just walk to the back at the bell and leave the other two to fight it out. That being said, I don’t think there is going to be much drama in next week’s #1 contenders match, though I think I’d rather have Dreamer get in there over Burke, just for some variety. They did keep the match moving here so at least it wasn’t boring on the way to a not that shocking result.

CM Punk talks to some backstage workers but runs into Matt Striker with Big Daddy V. Striker accuses Punk of being truant and suggests he goes back to school. Punk says he liked school, so Striker threatens him with Big Daddy V. Punk doesn’t seem scared.

Raw Rebound.

Nunzio vs. Mike Knox

Knox throws him around without much effort as this seems like it could be a bit one sided. Nunzio gets knocked outside before it’s a backbreaker, with Nunzio’s back being bent over the knee back inside. An elbow and legdrop get one as Nunzio gets to show some heart. Knox misses a charge in the corner though and some kicks to the leg take him down. Back up and Knox kicks him in the head for the fast pin.

Rating: C-. Just a step above a squash here and that isn’t the most interesting moment. Knox isn’t exactly coming off as someone who is going to be a big player, but at least he has the slightest bit of name value. Maybe they can come up with something for him as ECW could certainly use some new, or at least fresh, stars.

SAVE US video.

Miz vs. Silas Young

Extreme Expose is here with Miz, including Kelly Kelly with Balls Mahoney’s bear. Young grabs a hammerlock to start so Miz elbows him in the face. Some choking keeps Young down in the corner and the Reality Check gives Miz the fast pin.

Post match here is Balls Mahoney to ask Kelly Kelly out again. This time she gets a microphone, but Miz takes it away and says Kelly will give him an answer. Miz decks Mahoney with the mic and the other two girls have to drag Kelly away from him.

Steve Austin signed copies of the Condemned DVD.

Elijah Burke comes up to Tommy Dreamer in the back and laughs off the idea of Dreamer being able to hang with him next week. Dreamer says he has heart, which is more important than athleticism. Eh not really.

Matt Striker vs. CM Punk

Non-title and Striker has Big Daddy V in his corner. Punk grabs a headlock to start and then hits a hard shoulder. A legdrop gets an early one before a charging Striker is backdropped out to the floor. Punk stops to look at V though and gets his arm sent into the steps. Back in and Striker clotheslines him down for two and we hit the top wristlock to stay on the arm.

Striker dropkicks him down again and we’re back to the top wristlock. The bad arm is sent into the rope before Striker gets two off a running knee. Now it’s time to bend Punk’s fingers apart, including Striker saying Punk is a Big Daddy V fan. That’s too far for Punk as he makes the comeback, including a bunch of clotheslines. The GTS finishes Striker clean.

Rating: C-. There wasn’t much on this one but was anyone going to buy Striker as a serious threat to Punk? This was more about V being the big monster that is probably coming for Punk on Striker’s orders. Striker can do some basic stuff well enough but that is about all you’re going to get out of something like this.

Post match Big Daddy V comes in to Samoan drop Punk to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. Well, they are starting to get some more stories going but most of them still aren’t all that interesting. The show just does not have the star power to keep me drawn in most weeks and that is a problem. Maybe John Morrison coming back next week could help, but the show needs some more names than just him. Not a bad show, but also not an interesting one.



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