Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 26th February 2022

In the words of Orange Cassidy, word to your mother

In other AEW news, how STACKED is that pay per view card on the 6th March looking? Hot Dog, Jumping Frog!

Scheduled Today on the Blog: Thomas has got Smackdown and Rampage. Scott also has Rampage. Dave Newman has some Johnny Polo goodness for us. Brian uploaded a WWF Survivor Series 1995 review yesterday, a show which has one of my favourite matches of all-time on it. I’ve got a Stinker Review later of SuperBrawl 2000. Dave has some IWWC for us later on. And at the stroke of midnight, Maffew will bestow upon us another UWF Fury Hour

News from Cultaholic

Ronda Vs Sonya next week on Smackdown

I’d be interested if they worked it UWFi style

Corey Graves cleared to wrestle

You know, 2022 has enough awful stuff going on as it is without adding the return to the ring of Sterling James Keenan on top of everything else

Today’s match is Bianca Belair Vs Bayley in Hell in a Cell, a match I didn’t even know happened

Have a gooden everyone!