WWF 1995 Survivor Series


November 19, 1995

From the USAir Arena in Landover, MD

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and the returning Mr. Perfect


We start off with the Slam Jam as Pettengill is inside of the limo he referenced on “Action Zone.” He first goes over the competitors in the Wildcard match and refers to Shawn as the “most charismatic” superstar in the WWF. We see the Shawn video from “RAW” then Pettengill goes over the feuds between members of the Wildcard teams.


Pettengill says he will interview President Clinton tonight.


We then go over The Royals vs. Darkside match for a bit.


Next we get video packages on Bret Hart and Diesel plus the clips of various wrestlers giving their opinion on who will win the match. Plus, an abbreviated version of the face-to-face interview from RAW.


Pettengill finally arrives to the arena and gets through the curtain while being announced by Howard Finkel. The Toddster soaks up the cheers then tries to interview President Clinton but gets blown off so he enters the ring to pump up the crowd. Todd then tells us watching to order on PPV. Not a single mention of the Underdogs vs. and the Women’s match on this preshow.


The show proper begins with Mr. Perfect being introduced by Howard Finkel. He’s in a suit and heads down the ring.


The Underdogs head out to the ring. Bob Holly has apparently replaced Avatar, who was billed as being in this match on TV. The announcers never brought up Avatar once. The real reason, as reported by Dave Meltzer in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” and confirmed by Jim Ross on his “Grilling JR” podcast, was that Holly spoke up the week prior upset over lack of payoffs as the house show business was poor so they agreed to put him here to get a PPV payoff.  Sunny then introduces Skip, “Bodydonna in Training” Rad Radford, and Dr. Tom Prichard. Sunny then introduces the 4th member and we hear Ted DiBiase’s theme playing as he comes out with the 1-2-3 Kid. Vince tells us that DiBiase has bought out Jean Pierre Lafitte’s spot. A good way to write off Lafitte, who had hernia surgery. We now see several officials holding Razor Ramon back as he tries to go after Kid.


The Underdogs (Marty Jannetty & Hakushi & Bob Holly & Barry Horowitz) vs. The Bodydonnas (Skip w/ Sunny & Rad Radford & Dr. Tom Prichard & 1-2-3 Kid w/ Ted DiBiase)

We have Marty and Prichard starting off the match. Jannetty gets backed into the opposing corner then fights everyone off the apron and The Bodydonnas regroup on the outside. Holly and Radford now tag in as Vince brings up how both Holly and Jannetty used to team with Kid. Holly and Radford work at a fast pace with Holly using a hurricarana and a powerbomb before applying an armbar on the mat. Vince is aghast that someone would want to aspire to become a bodydonna as Hakushi is now in and gets caught in a spinebuster. By the way, Perfect is just awful on commentary here and reminding me of a lesser version of Art Donovan at King of the Ring with bad jokes and clearly not watching the product. Kid gets booed and hits Hakushi with top rope splash for two. Hakushi tags out after reversing a super back suplex from Skip and Holly tags and skies Skip with a back drop. Prichard tags and gets two with a Doctor Bomb but whiffs on a moonsault then Holly puts him away with a flying body press (5:40). However, Skip runs in from behind and rolls up Holly for the pin (5:47). Hakushi is in and beats on Skip but we see Skip get his knees up on a splash attempt. Perfect talks about his response for his return as Skip hits a top rope hurricarana then falls down as Vince says he hit his head. The crowd chants for Horowitz as they want to see him beat on Skip but instead Skip tags Kid, who lands several kicks. Hakushi lands kicks of his own then a back handspring elbow as the crowd goes nuts. Flying shoulder tackle gets two then Hakushi tries a springboard splash but misses as we now see Razor watching backstage on a monitor with Fatu, Henry Godwinn, and Savio Vega. Kid then tags out to Radford but afterwards wipes out Hakushi with a spin kick and Radford covers and holds the tights for the pin as its now 3 vs. 2 in favor of The Bodydonnas (8:33). Horowitz runs in to check on his friend but gets attacked by Radford. Kid lands several kicks on Horowitz in the corner then taunts the crowd. Horowitz fights back but Kid is able to tag out as Radford hammers away. Gutwrench suplex by Radford gets two. Clothesline gets two. Skip is yelling at Radford not to pin Horowitz as he apparently wants to be the one who pins Horowitz. Radford stays in control and looks good in the ring. Radford gets a nearfall with a Northern Lights suplex then does pushups to impress Skip but that allows Horowitz to use a cradle for the pin (11:49). Skip is in to yell and throw at tantrum as Sunny berates Radford on the outside then we see a Horowitz and Skip face off. Horowitz tosses Skip and hits a back elbow smash but makes a blind tag and Kid kicks Horowitz from behind then uses a running leg drop for the pin (12:48). Marty is the only one left on his team and the camera cuts back to Razor as he is fuming over Kid. The crowd is behind Marty and he is now in with Skip. Marty avoids a charge in the corner then tags Skip over but ducks his head for a back drop and gets kicked in the face. Skip beats on Marty in the corner as Vince talks about DiBiase buying off Jena Pierre Lafitte. We then get a reversal sequence that ends with Marty almost getting the pin with a sunset flip. Marty comes back with a Rocker Dropper then heads up top but Sunny shakes the ropes to cut him off. Skip now climbs up to try another hurricarana but Marty counters with a powerbomb and gets the pin as its down to Marty and the Kid (15:25). Kid runs right in and hits a flying clothesline then follows up with a spinning heel kick. Kid heads up top with a flying leg drop but that only gets two. Kid hits a running dropkick in the corner and heads back up top again after taunting the crowd but misses a senton. Both men are down on the mat as the crowd is getting behind Marty, who gets up first and punches away. Marty connects with a dropkick for a two count then punches away but sees Psycho Sid head down the aisle. Marty hits a jumping back elbow smash then stares at Sid. Marty stays in control but keeps looking over at Sid. The crowd chants for Razor Ramon as Marty hits a Rocker Dropper. Kid breaks the three count by getting his foot on the ropes then Marty covers again and gets two. DiBiase jumps up on the apron to distract the ref and that allows Sid to pick Marty up by the hair and drop him throat first across the top rope then Kid drapes his arm across of Marty’s chest and picks up the win (19:08) ***1/2. After the match, Sid gets into the ring and holds up a celebrating Kid.

Thoughts: Excellent opener here that was all action and held the attention of the crowd. Kid was the winner and it made sense since he just turned and had the highest profile of anyone else in the match. Plus, liked how now that he is heel the team that lost was named The Underdogs, the roll that made him popular in the WWF. I also thought Radford looked the best he has since joining the WWF and Marty also had probably the strongest showing on this run. Skip had another fantastic outing as well.


We now cut backstage to Razor as he tossing around tables and monitors while his pals try to hold him back.


Pettengill is backstage with Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Dean Douglas, Jim Cornette, and Mr. Fuji. Cornette says he didn’t want Razor to begin with and (while pointing to everyone else) if they can’t get along they will get it on. Bertha Faye’s theme plays as Owen tells Razor to get serious. Douglas says they are all united except Razor and that Razor needs to get away from the monitor. Trying to tell the story that Razor is refusing to cooperate.


Bertha Faye’s team is out in the ring. The ring announcers goes to introduce the team but we cut to Dok Hendrix shilling the Survivor Series t-shirt.


Bertha Faye w/ Harvey Whippleman & Aja Kong & Lioness Asuka & Tomoko Watanabe vs. Alundra Blayze & Kyoko Inoue & Sakie Hasegawa & Chaparita Asari

Ross says that the rivalry of Blayze and Kong has been documented on “Action Zone” and other programs. For the record, its just been Action Zone and if you have not been watching Action Zone at this time you might not even know this match was taking place. Bertha yells at the fans to “shut up.” Asuka starts off Asari and drills her with a spin kick then puts her in a giant swing. Asari tags out after floating over on a back suplex and Blayze kicks Asuka. Asari quick tags and hits a sky twister press that pops the crowd but Blayze is back in and puts Asuka away with a bridging German suplex (1:44). Watanabe attacks Blayze then tries a moonsault despite Blayze running to the corner and splats as that appeared to be a bit of a miscommunication. Blayze wipes her out with a plancha onto the floor then brings Watanabe back in and tags to Hasegawa who hits five rolling butterfly suplexes as the crowd was also into that spot. Watanabe comes back with a seated senton then hits a flying seated senton for a two count. Kong comes in well before the tag was made and Vince goes “here comes the big one.” Prior to that, Perfect asked “What happened to the American lady.” Kong slaps around Hasegawa then taunts the crowd to zero response. Hasegawa hits some nasty suplexes then goes up top but gets kicked in midair then Kong hits a backdrop driver for the pin (3:58). Asari runs in and bounces off of Kong trying a crossbody. The crowd liked that spot then Kong slams Asari and splats her with a middle rope slash for the pin (4:26). Blayze is in and Kong kicks away. Blayze comes back with an enziguiri and tags out as Inoue lands a few kicks while Perfect makes a bunch of dated jokes. Inoue then tries a sunset flip but Kong blocks it with a sit-down splash and gets the win even though it appeared Inoue was supposed to kick out (5:04). Its 3 vs. 1 now and gets cornered. We get down to Blayze and Watanabe as Blayze uses a snap suplex for a nearfall that Watanabe did not kick out of on time but this time they acted like she did so Blayze hits a piledriver to put her away (6:32). Bertha attacks Blayze as Ross believes that Bertha has been “hitting a few buffets lately.” Faye then runs in and accidentally runs over Kong and Blayze puts Faye away with a bridging German suplex as we are now down to Blayze vs. Kong (7:13). Kong hits a superplex for a two count as Perfect asks if this was the first time women got involved in the Survivor Series. Vince’s response was “sometime” then they talk about Kong’s looks until Ross has to set them straight and remind them the Jumping Bomb Angels won the 1987 Survivor Series women’s match. Blayze hits a missile dropkick then a standing moonsault but can only get a two count. Blayze heads up again but Kong tosses her off then taunts the crowd to minimal reaction as Vince notes its not about looks but rather competition. They end up top again and Kong headbutts Blayze off as Ross puts over her spinning back fist. Kong beats her chest after running over Blayze a few times then hits the back fist for the win (10:03) *1/2. Kong gets the Orient Express theme to cap off the progressive and culturally sensitive commentary we received throughout the match.

Thoughts: There was some nice stuff in the match but overall it was a mess. Plus, there was no real flow. It also did not help that the crowd was dead and since this match was only mentioned on “Action Zone” and the women never doing anything on TV why would they? Plus, Mr. Perfect on commentary just thought this was a joke and pissing off Ross, who was trying to present this seriously but instead got jokes and references that certainly do not hold up today. There was also a report the women were jet lagged coming from Japan and had no time to go over the match. Kong, who won and was clearly positioned as the next challenger to Blayze, had some moments but her work was not the best. A couple pinfalls had communication issues too. I thought that Hasegawa stood out the best among the newcomers. Faye barely did anything at that character was way past any point of people caring about. Disappointing all around. I know I’m really low on this match compared to reviews you will see elsewhere online but this just wasn’t any good. Maybe people think the moves were much better than what you were usually seeing in this period but it does not hold up at all today.


We go split screen and see Razor then Kid with DiBiase & Sid backstage on the Superstar Line. Razor a lot calmer than he was eariler.


Pettengill is in the presidential box. Clinton confuses Bam Bam Bigelow with the same Bam Bam from the TV show “The Flintstones.” We then get the secret service guys and Clinton all duck and go nuts when getting surprised by Bigelow’s pyro. The humor isn’t groundbreaking or anything but the segment wasn’t that bad.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldust

Vince calls Goldust a “little androgynous” then taunts Perfect about Goldust starring at him. Ross notes all of the special effects and this entrance are part of his contract. Vince keeps talking about the Goldust character keeping you offguard. Goldust hammers away and beats down Bigelow to start. Goldust then bails and taunts Bigelow as he is into the mannerisms he’s best known for much more than ever until this point. Goldust returns and slaps Bigelow but gets dropped with a right hand. Bigelow eats boot in the corner but is able to kick Goldust back down. Goldust bails but yanks Bigelow outside and hammers away. Goldust clotheslines the ring post by accident but is able to catch Bigelow outside. He clotheslines Bigelow over the top rope then taunts the crowd. Bigelow returns and gets choked out in the corner. Bigelow fights back with headbutts but Goldust takes him down with a knee lift for two. Goldust works a front face lock on the mat as Vince keeps referring to him as “bizarre.” Bigelow gets dumped outside like a sack of s--- and Goldust heads out and hammers away. Goldust sends Bigelow into the steps then rolls him back inside and stomps away. Bigelow hits a back suplex as both men are down. Bigelow misses a falling headbutt then Goldust struggles to roll him over for a pin and gets two. Goldust grounds Bigelow as this crowd is bored to tears with Vince surprised that Bigelow has gotten in so little offense. Cannot disagree with that assessment. Bigelow breaks up a chin lock with an electric chair drop as both men are back on the mat. Goldust lands several punches on his knees but Bigelow knocks him down. Goldust hits a clothesline then follows with a knee drop for a two count before going back to a chin lock. Bigelow hits a back suplex then runs wild and gets some crowd response but he misses a corner splash in an incredibly mistimed spot as Bigelow looked pissed off about then Goldust hits a bulldog for the win (8:20) *.

Thoughts: Really just a long squash. Goldust ate up Bigelow here and the crowd did not seem to care and genuinely surprised how little offense Bigelow got in the match. I think Bob Holly might have gotten in more on “Superstars” the day prior. Bigelow would end up leaving the WWF as this was his final match.


Pettengill is back with Clinton and special guest, Bob Backlund. Clinton says Backlund should run with Colin Powell is out. Backlund demands Clinton address him as “Mr. Backlund” then wants to know why Clinton is here and if he is “one of the 8,000 irrevelent government employees.” Clinton said he has nothing else better to do.


An ad for the 1996 Royal Rumble. It takes place in California. The exact location was not specified.


We get a video package on the Undertaker and King Mabel feud.


Jerry Lawler is in the ring with Hunter Hearst Helmsley & Dr. Isaac Yankem before he introduces King Mabel.


The Royals (Jerry Lawler & Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS & Hunter Hearst Helmsley & King Mabel w/ Sir Mo) vs. The Darkside (Savio Vega & Henry Godwinn & Fatu & Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer)

Crowd popped huge for Undertaker’s return to action. We finally see his face when he gets into the ring and he’s wearing a protective mask that freaks out the opposing team. It was designed to protect the real-life broken orbital bone suffered at a house show from an errant clothesline by Mabel. Hennig says Mabel has the “Don King look” referencing his hair. Helmsley and Fatu start off with Fatu mocking Helmsley then firing away. Fatu clotheslines Helmsley but ducks his head and was about to get hit with the Pedigree but Helmsley saw Undertaker’s face and froze. Godwinn tags and Helmsley freaks out and tags Lawler, who then tags in Yankem. Helmsley distracts Godwinn and that allows Yankem the chance to attack from behind. Godwinn comes back with a hip toss then a scoop slam before dropping an elbow. Yankem shoves Godwinn into the corner then tags Helmsley after hitting a back drop. Helmsley chokes out Godwinn on the ropes as Vince notes that Helmsley is undefeated in the WWF. Perfect says that Helmsley likes to be referred to as “Triple H” and that was I believe the first time he was referred to that in this manner. Godwinn catches Helmsley in a press slam and teases tossing him to the floor but instead he drops him to the mat. Lawler and Vega tag in and Vega uses a hip toss then starts dancing, which angers Perfect. Vega ducks his head and gets kicked in the face but mocks Vega and is dropkicked from behind. Fatu is back in and he uses ten turnbuckle smashes in the corner but Lawler soon fights back and tags out as Yankem now hammers away. Mabel is in but misses a charge in the corner then Vega tags in and tries to knock him down but gets caught in a sidewalk slam. Mabel hammers away then Vega gets triple-teamed in the corner as the ref was distracted. Mabel taunts the crowd after an overhead suplex. Vega is neutralized in the corner once again then Lawler hits a piledriver but waits too long to make the pin and only gets two. Vega tries to fight out of the corner then is able to hit Helmsley with an uranage as both men are down. Perfect keeps calling Helmsley “Triple H” as Lawler tags in and hits a piledriver but Vega immediately gets up and tags the Undertaker. Lawler freaks out and goes to make a tag but his teammates all bail. Undertaker drops Lawler with a lifting choke and everyone is afraid to tag so Undertaker hits Lawler with a tombstone for the pin (12:20). Yankem is in and attacks Undertaker but gets dropped with a jumping clothesline and hit with a tombstone as Yankem has been eliminated (12:51). Helmsley bails and goes to head up the aisle but Godwinn was behind with the slop bucket. Helmsley backs up and Undertaker yanks him to the apron by the hair and brings him back into the ring with a chokeslam for the pin (13:36). Mabel comes in and attacks Undertaker from behind and hits a leg drop then starts dancing around. Undertaker sits up and Mabel freaks out and falls through the ropes and runs up the aisle through the curtains and gets counted out (14:26) *3/4. Mo ends up getting chokeslammed by Undertaker as Vince says that Mabel will eventually get his day of reckoning.

Thoughts: Not much happened until the Undertaker tagged into the match but the action wasn’t that bad but at the same time not too exciting and didn’t seem to lead to anything other than Undertaker coming in and pinning everyone before Mabel bailed. The crowd loved Undertaker and they prolonged the Mabel feud as Undertaker will continue to seek revenge. We also had an entire team survive and funny enough, they were all real life friends that were part of the “Bone Street Krew” backstage.


Dok is backstage shilling an Undertaker denim jacket that is just $59.75. He says the plain denim jacket at the mall yesterday were $50. You can also get a Bret Hart or Diesel jacket and that these are not available in the venues or the catalogues.


The next “In Your House” show will take place at the Hersheypark Arena on December 17th.


We see the Karate Fighters blimp fly in the arena.


Announcers talk about British Bulldog getting a title shot at the December In Your House show. Perfect doesn’t care who wins the title tonight and that he should be the one in the title match. Ross believes that Diesel will win.


Next, we get prerecorded comments from Bret Hart and Diesel about possibly having to defend the title against the British Bulldog. Bret is not overlooking Diesel and says the truck will stop here and that Diesel’s lack of technical ability will cost him the back. Diesel says that if it wasn’t for Bret, Bulldog would have been beat with the jackknife. Diesel says as the match goes longer, he might be at a disadvantage but he’s not paid by the hour and will put Bret away quick with high-impact power maneuvers.


Pettengill is backstage with the Wildcard team of Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog, and Psycho Sid. Unshockingly, they are not all on the same page.


Owen Hart & Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Dean Douglas & Razor Ramon vs. British Bulldog w/ Jim Cornette & Psycho Sid w/ Ted DiBiase & Ahmed Johnson & Shawn Michaels

Perfect wants to know why Shawn is a big deal. Vince notes that Shawn is “all man” as Perfect remains unimpressed. We get some talk about the wildcard stipulation as Vince goes on about Gorilla Monsoon wanting to be the most fan-friendly president ever. Shawn and Owen start off the match after some deliberating over who will start things off. We get a fast-paced Irish whip sequence that ends with Shawn taking Owen to the floor with a headscissors. Shawn heads out and kicks Cornette after the latter tried to attack him with a racket. Back inside, Owen catches Shawn with a belly-to-belly suplex then tags out to Douglas. Vince talks about Shawn’s concussion from the attack in Syracuse last month. Shawn comes back with a flying forearm then heads to the top rope for a double axe handle that gets two. Douglas catches Shawn with a knee smash then heads up top but whiffs on a Vader Bomb then Shawn hits a moonsault press for two as Owen makes the save. Ahmed tags and runs wild but is attacked by everyone but Razor while trying to slam Yokozuna. Ahmed gets worked over for a bit then Douglas takes a swing at the Bulldog. Razor takes some cheap shots on Ahmed as they are now showcasing how the face vs. heel dynamic is out the window. Ahmed catches Douglas with a powerslam and nearly drops him on his head then Shawn tags and Ahmed tosses him at Douglas for a two count. Douglas rolls outside to avoid a super kick then yells at Razor, allowing Shawn to use a rollup which Douglas reverses for two. However, Shawn kicks out then Douglas goes to take a swing at Razor and ends up getting decked to Shawn uses a school boy to pin Douglas (7:31). We now get Owen and Bulldog in the ring and they shove each other then attack while offering handshakes. Bulldog takes Owen over with a monkey flip on the mat but Owen comes back with a spinning heel kick that gets two. Shawn tags in then Owen tags Razor and orders him into the ring. Vince notes their history in ladder matches as the crowd is into this staredown. Shawn takes Razor over the top rope but Razor runs back in and knocks Shawn down. Shawn then drops Razor with a back elbow smash and kips up but ducks his head and Razor cataches him with the Razor’s Edge and covers but Ahmed makes the save as Perfect cracks jokes about Shawn’s head being too big. Shawn gets dropped with a knee lift and Razor falls to the mat as well then they get up and collide to end back down. Shawn tags in Sid as Sid was on the apron looking at the crowd. Sid targets Razor’s back then hammers away in the corner. Sid stays in control as the crowd has quieted. Yokozuna comes in to attack Sid from behind but gets admonished by the ref and ordered back to the apron. Sid continues to target the back then we get a double clothesline spot. Sid is up first and heads to the top rope but Razor tosses him off and covers for a nearfall. Sid ducks a clothesline then chokeslams Razor before declaring its over. Sid takes his time then tags in Shawn and holds up Sid. Shawn sets up for the sweet chin music and accidentally hits Sid but does not seem to care and Razor covers as Bulldog makes the save then Razor just covers Sid again for the pin (16:19). Bulldog attacks Razor then we see Sid powerbomb Shawn before leaving. Razor drapes his arm over Shawn’s chest but only gets two. Owen tags in and beats on Shawn. He hits a backbreaker then skies Shawn with a back drop. Yokozuna is in now and beats on Shawn in the corner. These punches are looking snug to say the least as Perfect jokes “welcome back to Syracuse, Shawn.” Yokozuna then applies a nerve hold as Vince puts over Shawn’s toughness and resilience. The crowd is behind Shawn as Perfect asks Vince if Shawn has what it takes to be champion. Owen takes a few cheap shots at Shawn as Ross also puts over Shawn’s desire as Shawn now gets to his feet and escapes the hold. Yokozuna catches Shawn with a back elbow smash and tags out as Owen celebrates then misses a diving headbutt. Ahmed tags in and decks Owen and starts running wild on everyone. Owen ducks his head then Ahmed puts him away with a Tiger Bomb as the crowd responds well (20:50). Razor is in now an bulldogs Ahmed as Ahmed appeared out of position for something Razor was going to try off of the top rope. Razor takes a swing at Shawn then we see Ahmed celebrate on the middle rope but Razor takes him down with the Razor’s Edge. Bulldog is in and beats down Razor as we see DiBiase come out with Sid & Kid. Razor catches Bulldog with a fallaway slam that gets two then Kid grabs Razor’s leg. Razor decks Kid but Bulldog attacks from behind and hits the running powerslam to pin Razor (24:09). Its 3 vs. 1 now as Yokozuna is the lone person on his team. Shawn fires away but cannot knock Yokozuna off of his feet. Yokozuna piefaces Shawn then uses a scoop slam as Ross tells us that Shawn vs. Owen will take place tomorrow night on RAW. Yokozuna hits a leg drop then drags Shawn into the corner for the Bonzai Drop but Shawn moves away as both men are down. The crowd is behind Shawn and he tags out to Ahmed. We see Ahmed slam Yokozuna then cover but Bulldog breaks up the pin. Shawn & Ahmed then knock down Bulldog and send him over the top rope. Shawn then hits the Sweet Chin Music and Ahmed follows with a splash for the win (27:26) ***1/2. Shawn raises Ahmed’s hand in victory as Bulldog left with Cornette.

Thoughts: This was a damn good match. The wild card concept also broke from the face vs. heel norms here and created some interesting moments. However, no new feuds seem to be made from this match which kinda rendered the stipulation pointless. You’d think it would be used for a turn.  They gave even more focus to the Kid/Razor feud and the end saw the next PPV title contender in Bulldog, the heavily pushed newcomer in Ahmed, and the one pushed as the next big star in Shawn standing tall. Douglas was bounced first and he has truly fallen out of favor and will not be here much longer.


Back to the presidential box as Sunny is on Clinton’s lap feeding him popcorn. Clinton then accidentally spills popcorn on Sunny and offers her a cabinet position as long as she stops by his office.


Ross plugs the Superstar Line as the Karate Fighters blimp is shown flying in the arena. We then see Bigelow and Goldust on the phones backstage with Bigelow having a towel around his neck looking defeated.


A video package hyping Bret Hart vs. Diesel is shown.


The announcers talk about the title match as Perfect thinks Bret Hart will win.


No Disqualification World Title Match: Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Diesel (c)

Diesel unties the top turnbuckle and tosses it outside so Bret reciprocates. Bret’s gear is on point too I might add. Bret backs Diesel into the corner but Diesel hammers away. Diesel beats on Bret in the corner for a bit and will not let him leave as Diesel wants to attack early and often. Bret escapes outside so Diesel walks out and attacks from behind with a double axe handle. Diesel drops Bret throat-first across of the guardrail. Diesel rolls Bret back into the ring and takes his time getting in himself as Bret rolls back outside. However, Diesel is able to catch Bret and chokes him out with his foot against the bottom of the guardrail. Diesel rolls Bret back into the ring then wins a slugfest as he knocks Bret through the ropes. Diesel goes back outside as Ross says Bret cannot win by brawling. Diesel whips Bret into the steps then into the ring post. He then grabs the chair from the timekeeper and whacks Bret’s back as the announcers note that Bret used a chair on Diesel in their match at the Royal Rumble. Diesel rolls Bret back into the ring and sends him into the corner before hitting a short-arm clothesline. Diesel then says we know what time it is as he sets up for the Jackknife but Bret fights him off and gets to the ropes where he eventually fights out. Bret then bites Diesel and starts punching away. Bret kicks out Diesel’s leg and sweeps him to work it over some more on the mat. Bret applies a figure four but Diesel is able to eventually grab the ropes and the ref yells at Bret for some reason despite this being a no DQ match. Bret goes back to working over the leg until Diesel shoves him into the corner and against the exposed steel. Diesel hammers away in the corner but Bret ducks out and trips up Diesel before ramming his leg against the post. Bret then takes a cord and ties it around the post and heads back in and ties the cord around Diesel’s foot as Ross is at a loss. Diesel is able to kick Bret with his free leg but gets up and cannot get away as Bret comes off of the top with an elbow smash. Bret grabs a chair and slides it into the ring as the ref yells at him. Diesel kicks Bret down and reaches for the chair while on the mat but Bret steps on it and takes the chair to whack Diesel across the back. Bret now repeatedly smashes Diesel’s knee with the chair as the announcers talk about either man doing whatever it takes to walk out of here as the champion. Bret hits a backbreaker then rolls outside and heads up top with the chair but Diesel cuts him off. Bret gets crotched and the chair falls outside then Diesel launches Bret off of the top rope. Diesel now unties the cord from his foot and uses the cord to choke Diesel then hits a sideslam for a two count. Diesel whips Bret into the exposed steel in the corner and limps around before jumping on top of Bret’s back. Diesel then hits the snake eyes into the exposed steel but again is badly limping and has trouble moving around. The crowd is starting to really get into this as Bret avoids a second snake eyes attempt and sends Diesel into the exposed steel. Bret fires away and drops Diesel with a clothesline for a two count as Perfect says this is one of the best fights he has seen in a long time. Bret now hits a flying bulldog for a two count. He then sends him over the top rope with a clothesline and flies out with a pescado but Diesel moves away and Bret splats on the floor. Diesel heads back into the ring for a quick breather then Bret gets onto the apron and grabs the ropes and Diesel heads over to shove him off and Bret goes flying off and through the Spanish announce table as the crowd is shocked and everyone on their feet. Diesel heads out and pulls Bret up by the hair then hammers away. Diesel rolls Bret back into the ring and signals for the Jackknife and gets a lot of boos. He pulls Bret up but Bret ends up falling on his face. Diesel then pulls Bret up again but this time Bret quickly puts him a small package and gets the win (24:53) ****. The crowd goes nuts for the finish. We then see Diesel, who mouthed “motherfucker” shove the ref and nail Bret with the Jackknife. Several officials run in and Diesel takes all of them out too before hitting Bret with a second Jackknife. Diesel then yanks the belt from the ref and raises his arm and screams “I’m Back” before spitting on the floor. Diesel leaves the ring and pulls down his straps and heads up the aisle slapping hands with some of the fans as he now gets some cheers.

Thoughts: This was an excellent main event and the post-match stuff very interesting as well with Diesel snapping. The table spot was amazing and the story of the match just brilliant ending with Bret outsmarting Diesel. In his “1995 WWE Timeline” with Kayfabe Commentaries, Diesel said they came up with the table spot after speaking on the phone. He also said they got the idea for the cable tying spot from a rib Owen pulled on Bret. Diesel said that he wanted to go back to being an ass kicker and was pissed they “cut his balls off” after the Rumble. Diesel also said he told the cameraman to catch him mouth “motherfucker” after losing the match.


A music video recap of the show airs next.


We close with the announcers as Bret is being checked on as Perfect wonders if Bret can even defend the title. Vince says Diesel had the match won but blew a gasket after Bret caught him in a small package.


Final Thoughts: We had three very good matches here and the show was under three hours making it a breeze to watch. The title change was big and seeing Diesel regain an edge was quite needed. His character was lame and stale. The other big news was Undertaker returning as it received a great reaction. Besides that they put more emphasis on the Razor/Kid feud and highlighted Shawn, Ahmed, and Bulldog. And tomorrow on RAW we will have Shawn vs. Owen, which should be a good match as well. The only negative was Perfect on commentary, who was at least amusing during the Wild Card match but incredibly grating for the women’s match. Plus, he just seemed pissed he was not wrestling and on commentary. Anyway, a good show to watch and one of the best shows of 1995 WWF.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/20/95

Sunday: WWF Superstars 11/25/95

Monday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/27/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 12/2/95, WWF Action Zone 12/3/95

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 12/4/95

Thursday: WWF Superstars 12/9/95

Friday: WWF Monday Night RAW 12/11/95