Q for the B

Hiya Scott,
Sorry about the Honky Tonk Man diss last time, I only ever saw him as a kid in WWF. He was great as a chickenshit heel.

So, what are the odds that many of the WWE releases are intended to clog up the AEW roster? AEW has been bulging at the seams for a while now, and most of their homegrown talent (not counting the pillars) is missing out on TV time to the former NXT folks. How often do you think the E looks at someone and just says “F--- it, let Tony pay for them”? And is it a long term plan to overload the AEW finances with folks they don't have time to use properly?

PS Jade still sucks.
If their plan is to send top level talent at a company run by literal billionaires, then have at it.