Impact Wrestling – February 24, 2022

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 24, 2022
Location: Alario Center, Westwego, Louisiana
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

It’s time for a fresh taping cycle as No Surrender has come and gone. The big story coming out of the show was Eddie Edwards turning on Impact Wrestling to join Honor No More, meaning he has a lot of splainin to do. Other than that, Moose needs a new challenger for Sacrifice on the way to Rebellion. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the rise of Honor No More and the big showdown at No Surrender, where Eddie Edwards turned on the company.

Opening sequence.

Here is still World Champion Moose for a chat. Moose isn’t happy that he has worked so hard and fought so much but now all everyone is talking about is Eddie Edwards. He fought to retain the World Title and nothing changed. Look what happened to people like Josh Alexander and Matt Cardona after he beat them. The Lord knows what is going to happen to W. Morrissey now that he lost.

Cue Heath of all people, to say this isn’t a joke. Eddie Edwards was a huge part of the Impact puzzle and Moose is out here making jokes. We’re at war and this is what the champion is doing. Heath worked hard to get here and yeah he was out for a year, but Impact Wrestling stuck by him. Now he is looking at a leader who is doing nothing.

Moose wants to know where Heath was for the last month but Heath says he has been out with Covid protocols. Now he’s clean though and he wants a World Title shot so the company can have a champion who will fight for its company. Moose doesn’t care about anything or anyone, including Heath and his ugly kids. The fight is on and Heath leaves him laying with the Wake Up Call. It’s just for their version of In Your House and that’s fine.

The rest of Team Impact is glad to see Heath when Scott D’Amore comes in. They’re not happy with Honor No More sticking around but they can deal with it in tonight’s six man tag. No one is putting their hands on Eddie Edwards tonight, but Rhino can take him apart at Sacrifice. Works for Rhino.

Post break Honor No More arrives and they get safe passage until the six man tag. D’Amore wants to know where Eddie Edwards is but here is Moose to interrupt. Moose says he has no problem with them, but stay away from his title. Honor No More leaves and D’Amore yells at Moose about him not being bothered by them. Moose can defend the World Title against Heath at Sacrifice.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Digital Media Title: Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace

Cardona is defending and this is No DQ. Grace comes out swinging with a DVD player (complete with her social media info) and a shot to the shoulder knocks Cardona outside. Back in and Grace blocks a whip and backdrops Cardona to the floor again. That means a suicide dive and it’s time for some weapons as we take a break.

We come back with Cardona stomping away in the corner and hitting Grace with a keyboard. A shot to the head gets two and a neckbreaker is good for the same. With nothing else working, Cardona brings in a chair (which he hit her in the head with at Sacrifice) but Grace drops him ribs first onto the top of said chair.

Some shots with the pieces of a selfie stick keep Cardona in trouble and a running elbow in the corner sets up a Vader bomb for two. Grace whips out a bag full of…cell phones? Cardona loads up a mouse shot to the head but gets powerbombed out of the corner onto the phones for two more. A low blow connects but Cardona has an ALWAYS READY cup (which I believe he used at The Wrld On GCW). He tries to put it in Grace’s face but she kicks him low and does it to him instead. Cardona sends her face first into a chair in the corner though and a rollup with a grab of the rope finishes Grace at 12:12.

Rating: C+. The match was certainly goofy and the theme was as subtle as a boulder to the face but these two have chemistry together. I’m not sure how much damage the phones would have done, though I do appreciate doing something different than the kendo sticks and trashcans. Mix it up a bit and it might be a bit more memorable, which was the case here. Cardona is rolling as a heel too and this was more fun stuff.

The IInspiration and the IInfluence continue to argue over Kaleb With A K. Their Tag Team Title match is on for Sacrifice and Madison Rayne will face Cassie Lee next week.

We look at Ace Austin and Mike Bailey beating #1 contender to the X-Division Title Jake Something and X-Division Champion Trey Miguel on Before The Impact.

Something is annoyed but Miguel says it isn’t that big of a deal. That’s too far for Something, who doesn’t want his pity. Something needs Miguel to fear him, and that’s what he will do.

John Skyler vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Brian Myers is on commentary (with his own table). Skyler tries to jump him to start but gets taken down without much trouble. A top rope splash misses though and Skyler sends him shoulder first into the post. Some stomps to the arm set up an armbar as Skyler certainly knows how to focus on an injured limb. Back up and Gujjar hits something like a Sling Blade before superkicking Skyler down. Skyler goes right back to the arm but a superplex is broken up. Gujjar hits the middle rope spear for the pin at 4:38.

Rating: C-. The match was short and to the point but it was a pair of guys who aren’t that interesting, with Skyler being a pretty standard heel. Gujjar on the other hand is the latest name whose character is almost completely defined as “hi, I’m from India”, which is only going to get him so far. It wasn’t a bad match, but it also wasn’t interesting and that’s a problem.

Post match W. Morrissey comes out and goes after Brian Myers but Skyler makes the save. That earns Skyler a chokeslam through Myers’ table.

Steve Maclin doesn’t care what Eddie Edwards has to say because next week, Edwards is answering to him.

Reina de Reinas Title: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost

Purrazzo is defending in another Champ Champ Challenge, with Frost getting to pick the title she can win. An early lockup doesn’t go anywhere so Purrazzo goes with a headlock takeover instead. That’s broken up as well and Frost kicks her in the face, only to get pulled down into a surfboard for the double stomp to the calves.

Purrazzo starts in on the leg, including a good smash onto the apron. Frost flips over her though and hits a dropkick to the back, setting up a Cannonball in the corner for two. A trip to the top takes too long though and Purrazzo takes out the leg. Purrazzo grabs a Boston crab but Frost slips out, only to get pulled into the Venus de Milo to retain the title at 5:43.

Rating: C. This didn’t have much time as Purrazzo’s roll over the Knockouts division continues. I’m not sure who is going to be the big road block to finally cut her off but it is making for some interesting television, as it can be fun to find out who is coming through that curtain. Purrazzo is getting a lot out of this too and she could be on this kind of a roll for a long time.

Post match Purrazzo leaves and Gisele Shaw comes in to pose.

Bullet Club, now with the Good Brothers instead of the Guerrillas of Destiny, talk about having to shed dead weight. Violent By Design comes in to say they made a deal and now they should get a Tag Team Title shot. Violence is teased but the Guerrillas of Destiny run in to jump the Club. The Guerrillas and Violent By Design look at each other, with Eric Young saying “all right.”

Zicky Dice vs. Jonah

Dice tries a chop block but gets suplexed down. The backsplash into a powerbomb finishes Dice at 57 seconds.

Post match Jonah crushes him again. Jonah goes to the back, where Gail Kim tells him that he can’t do that again. He wants better competition, so it’s Jonah vs. PCO at Sacrifice. Jonah is happy and leaves, so here is Johnny Swinger to say he has been training with Bill Dundee and wants one more shot at Jonah next week. Sure.

Mickie James and Chelsea Green sit down with Gail Kim with Mickie wanting to give Green a Knockouts title match. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans come in to yell about not getting a fair match. The result is Steelz vs. Green for the Sacrifice title shot next week.

Sacrifice rundown. It looks like a good show and I’ll be there live.

Honor No More vs. Chris Sabin/Rich Swann/Willie Mack

Matt Taven/Mike Bennett/Kenny King for Honor No More, with the rest of the team, plus Rhino and Heath at ringside. It’s a brawl to start with Swann being left alone but Mack and Sabin are back in there for the save. We settle down to Sabin working over King but Bennett is in rather quickly. Bennett is kicked outside and kicked in the chest by Sabin so it’s Taven coming in for a neckbreaker to drop Sabin.

We take a break and come back with Bennett suplexing Sabin for two but Sabin sends him into Taven in the corner. That’s enough for the tag off to Swann to pick up the pace as everything breaks down. Mack helps Swann out with a 3D to Bennett and Mack hits Taven with a standing moonsault. A blind tag lets Bennett come back in for a cheap shot, setting up the Proton Pack to finish Mack at 9:09.

Rating: C+. Honor No More continues its roll as they now have their official spots around here. At some point they are going to need to do something a bit bigger if this story is going to really take off, but at least they got the important part out of the way. What used to be Team Impact is now a bit shaken up, but it isn’t like they were some long term serious team in the first place.

Post match Honor No More brings out Eddie Edwards for a chat. Post break, Eddie says you should be angry, but not at him. He bled and fought with and for Ring of Honor and it hurt him when he heard that they were taking a hiatus. Now Honor No More has found the corruption in this industry and it is time to clear everything out. Two years ago, the world changed and it was time to bring in as many outside stars as Impact Wrestling could find to make things better.

Then Rich Swann lost the World Title to Kenny Omega, an outside. Eddie knew he would get his shot and he even beat Omega in a six man tag. Who got the shot to bring the title back to Impact though? Josh Alexander. It was at that point that Edwards knew that Impact had honor no more and it was time to change things up.

Everyone is asking what Eddie did and it is because he gave everything to this company and got nothing in return. Cue Alisha Edwards to ask what Eddie is doing. He taught her to believe that anything is possible and to never stop believing. Eddie needs to be with his family, but he says that’s what he’s doing. Alisha asks if she is still his family but Eddie doesn’t know. Eddie leaves with Honor No More to end the show.

This was a long promo but we got an explanation from Edwards and his reasoning makes sense. It’s also nice to have someone with a long history in Ring of Honor joining the team, as it would be strange to have someone with no real reason to join the team other than it was the new heel faction.

Overall Rating: C+. The best thing about Impact right now is how many things they are pushing. Honor No More is the top story, but it isn’t the only story and that makes a big difference. There are other important things going on as well and Impact is doing a good job of making those stories matter. They are avoiding the problem that so many promotions have of making one thing so much bigger than others that nothing else really matters. It’s a balanced show and that makes for some much better storytelling throughout. Good show here, as we’re now on the road to Sacrifice.

Matt Cardona b. Jordynne Grace – Rollup with a grab of the rope
Bhupinder Gujjar b. John Skyler – Middle rope spear
Deonna Purrazzo b. Lady Frost – Venus de Milo
Jonah b. Zicky Dice – Powerbomb
Honor No More b. Chris Sabin/Rich Swann/Willie Mack – Proton Pack to Mack




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