Control Your Narrative is Literal!

Hey Scott, havent seen this addressed on here but I think it will spawn some chatter if posted.
This is from a Reddit post by a guy who works for a company that is investing in EC3s Control Your Narrative and claims to provide an insane glimpse into what they will be doing at their shows in Orlando Revolution weekend and Dallas Mania weekend. Ill be in both cities and am tempted to check it out in morbid fascination. Oh and they signed Austin Aries to this as well!
Hello, before I begin, if you take this with a grain of salt, I don't blame you. That being said, I created a separate, anonymous account because I don't want to get fired. That being said, I want to share this with you because I'm a big wrestling fan.

Long story short, I'm a correspondent for an investing firm that'll be one of the many investors for CYN. CYN, like many people predicted, is a wrestling promotion that was sold to us as “Bringing Wrestling Back to the base that made it famous in the first place”. Since it was a new investment, we needed more information. Here's what we know so far:

Many right-wing affiliated groups and organizations are investing in this (Dan Bongino, Mike Lindell, MULTIPLE supplement companies, crypto firms etc). We also believe Trump is somehow involved, but it was never confirmed. Reason being is we got a glimpse of their touring schedule and New Jersey seems to be a major area they are going to want to perform in, though that could just be because of Pro-Wrestling's popularity in the state in-general.

The idea that was sold to us was a Fight Club inspired wrestling promotion. Ultimately, it will have a set of rules all wrestlers will abide by, but everything is free reign. There is no booker. Very much a “brotherhood” mentality. Expect many “cancelled” wrestlers, though we were told Teddy Hart, Alberto Del Rio, Court Bauer and Brett Lauderdale weren't allowed near CYN. Expect outside athletes from the Bodybuilding and Powerlifting circles to show up.

I believe Brian Cage is hopping to here. They told us a “Big AEW name” was leaving just to come here. I think they were blowing smoke up our asses with the “big” name.

Tessa and her husband are expected to appear. We were told it would be LGBTQ friendly, but the company wouldn't “pander” to certain audiences just because it was a certain month. They consider that “corporate and disingenuous”. Very anti-corporate atmosphere.

The Big Thing: They have a major deal with Rumble. I'm not sure if this is the “TV” Deal, but their deal with Rumble is ultimately why our company threw money at this thing. The general consensus among the firm is this will be a great investment for a niche audience, or a giant dumpster fire.”

I bet they'll make a huge announcement in two weeks!  And crowds will be the biggest ever!  Just make sure to send in your credit card for recurring payments.