AEW being lax with LAX

Hi Scott

This is something I've ranted a bit about in the comments on here, but curious as to your take on it.

For me, the LAX storyline has been a bit of a shambles. The whole feud has annoyed the hell out of me from the start, tbh, due to inconsistencies. 

They were going on about Jericho not having their backs after he'd run down to save them from beatdowns two weeks in a row. 

Then it was all about “you keep dragging us into your stuff instead of letting us do our own thing” – which again, was bloody stupid because they'd been dragged into feuding with Garcia and 2.0 because of Kingston.

And then it was all about “it's all about you, not us” – from which the main focus of the whole thing has, of course, become Kingston's rise and beef with Jericho with LAX reduced yet again to bit part players in their own story and an unceremonious showing in a Battle Royale. 

It just feels like a huge slew of plotholes and I fear that the only winner from all this will be Kingston, and LAX – who deserve better – will continue to be the overshadowed sidekicks.

What do you reckon?

Let it play out and see where it goes.