WWF Action Zone – November 19th, 1995


November 19, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix


The hosts run down the show as we will see Bob Holly vs. Goldust from “Superstars,” the face-to-face from RAW with Bret Hart vs. Diesel, a video package on Shawn Michaels and the “second half” of the Razor Ramon vs. Psycho Sid match from RAW. They also showed us how Dean Douglas roughed up Razor during the match.


We see the rest of Psycho Sid beating Razor on RAW with help from the 1-2-3 Kid, who left and aligned with Ted DiBiase.


Back to the studio as Pettengill has the American Online transcript from the 1-2-3 Kid interview from this past Tuesday. Pettengill also said that DiBiase was petitioning to get Kid into the Survivor Series, which he broke yesterday on “Mania,” then Pettengill promises to break news about this later on in this show.


The President Clinton impersonator tells us he could not invite all of fellow Arkansas resident Henry Godwinn’s family into his suite at the Survivor Series but that they will be watching on PPV. Pettengill says he will interview the president at the PPV.


A video recap of the slop-based feud between Godwinn and Hunter Hearst Helmsley is shown.


The Royals Survivor Series team interview from “Superstars” is shown.


Clips of Mabel injuring Undertaker on RAW last month are shown. After that we see another Bearer & Undertaker interview to hype up Undertaker’s return from the facial injury.


The “stuff” question is how many times has the WWF Championship changed hands at Survivor Series and who were the victors? Dok says it was once when Bob Backlund defeated Bret Hart. Pettengill says he forgot about the Undertaker winning as we see a brief clip how he won in 1991. No mention or shot of Hulk Hogan during this as he was the person Undertaker defeated.


Goldust defeats Bob Holly from “Superstars.”


Superstar predictions for the Bret Hart vs. Diesel match are shown. Same exact segment we saw on this week’s “Superstars.”


The abbreviated version of the Bret Hart vs. Diesel into from RAW is shown. Even a little shorter than the version on “Superstars.”


Back to the studio as Dok models the official Survivor Series t-shirt while Pettengill does the voiceover in some wacky voice.


Ross Report is up next. He first talks about the World Title match and gives his analysis as he once again points out that Bret should work on Diesel’s legs to put on the Sharpshooter and Diesel should use his power and end the match early. Ross also notes that Diesel & Bret join Pedro Morales in the triple crown club as they’ve all held the World Title, Intercontinental Title, and the Tag Team Titles. Ross wouldn’t miss this match for a “balanced budget” or a plate of his “momma’s fried chicken.” Next, Ross talks about the Women’s match being a possible show stealer. He says to keep an eye out on Alundra Blayze and her arch rival in Aja Kong. We see how Blayze beat Bull Nakano to regain the title then see how Kong has destroyed her opponents. Ross says its reported Kong is looking forward to confronting Blayze in this match. Ross then addresses the 1-2-3 Kid and how fans have adored him and they won him over but now he sold out and should be ashamed for turning his back on the fans. Ross even thinks he should change his name to “Modell” which if you are unaware is a reference to Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell. Ross also notes that DiBiase is also trying to get Kid into the Survivor Series.


Back to the hosts as we learn that the 1-2-3 Kid is in fact on the Survivor Series card but the hosts speculate as to who sold DiBiase their spot.


Ahmed Johnson defeats Scott D’Amore from “Superstars.”


The Shawn Michaels video we saw on “RAW” is shown.


Back to the studio as Dok needs to get to the airport while Pettengill says he will be inside of a limo heading to the venue doing the “Sunday Night Slam” show.


Can We Talk About is up next. Various superstars are asked who they want to see as the next president. Mo wants to see Hillary Clinton get re-elected again. The Smoking Gunns want Ross Perot. Bob Backlund wants himself. Razor says “anyone but Clinton.” Jim Ross wants either Jerry Jones or Barry Switzer. Bret and Godwinn want Bill Clinton. Dean Douglas says anoyne but Clinton. Hakushi says “Colin Powell by landslide.”


The hosts end by playing Karate Fighters with the Toddster winning then celebrating around the studio.


Final Thoughts: Here we learn that DiBiase is now trying to get 1-2-3 Kid on the PPV with Pettengill suggesting maybe DiBiase buys the spot of someone else. And if you haven’t watched “Action Zone” then you’d probably have no idea that a women’s match is taking place. Besides that, the PPV is next and then we see some changes that we can learn more about.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Friday: WWF 1995 Survivor Series

Saturday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/20/95

Sunday: WWF Superstars 11/25/95

Monday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/27/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 12/2/95, WWF Action Zone 12/3/95

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 12/4/95

Thursday: WWF Superstars 12/9/95