Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 24th February 2022

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hangman Page is great. Great promo on Dynamite

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have Dynamite reviewed for us all. J has got some more Joshi Spotlight. Still time to read Logan’s WWF review from 1990, Brian’s WWF review from 1995, J’s Dream Matches and my Re-Booking of WrestleMania X-8 from yesterday

News from Cultaholic

Swerve is apparently AEW bound

He’d certainly fit in there

Bobby Roooooooooooo to wrestle on NXT 2.0 on the 1st of March

There are worse things they could have done than having Ziggler and Roode on NXT 2.0 causing mischief to be honest

Today’s match is Bobby Lashley Vs John Cena

Have a gooden everyone!