Cody’s Revolution talk, according to Kenny Omega

Did you listen to Omega's interview with Meltzer over the weekend? I thought the most interesting part was Kenny saying that the Revolution stuff, the “going to war with WWE” nonsense like the throne smash, etc. was all Cody whereas as the Bucks/Omega just wanted to put on a good show that would be viewed as an alternative.

If true, doesnt paint Cody in the best light, does it? Starting a “war” to eventually sign with the enemy? And overall, do you think the Cody comments vs WWE hurt or helped AEW? It does seem to have hardened the tribalism aspects to this on both sides, which may have been different without it. 

And if you did listen to the interview – didn't it sound like Kenny was completely over Cody? He even said he wouldnt get a Diet Pepsi with him! 

Wow, someone leaves a promotion and then gets thrown under the bus?  SHOCKING.  I’m sure it’s just Kenny doing business.