Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 23rd February 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We are now living in the post-Scott Reviews NXT 2.0 Era. Pour one out…

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has some more Coliseum Video for us. Thomas has NXT 2.0 reviewed. I have a bash at re-booking WrestleMania X-8, because I’ve always felt that show could have been done differently. Have a look and see if I have a point or if I’m out to lunch. J has more Dream Matches for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Brian has some more WWF from 1995

News from Cultaholic

Tony Khan wants more wrestlers through the forbidden door

I kind of wish he’d make a deal with NOAH so I could have Junta Miyawaki on Dynamite. He’s dead good and if he had his excursion in AEW I’d be #EXCITE

WWE to use more Raw guys on NXT 2.0

Bron working his way through invading Raw guys wouldn’t be the worst idea to be honest

Today’s match is Andre The Giant, Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas Vs The Wild Samoans

Have a gooden everyone!