AEW Presents NXT New Japan

So NXT is officially All Elite and I am officially confused. All I heard was how much better AEW was than NXT 1.0 and how they stomped them in the ratings/demos. So why are they signing all the guys they beat in the ratings/demos and replacing most of the guys on the roster responsible for beating them? That be like the Rams replacing most of their starters with Bengals starters. I get adding some of the guys like Cole and Keith Lee, but there are plenty of people they didnt need to sign. I feel like they are still struggling to book the original NXT guys like Andrade and Pac, who are kinda just there. And now Black is stuck in a tag team, which is the last thing AEW needs. Dark Order was such a huge part of beating NXT, remember when everyone said how big of star John Silver could be. What's he done lately? Orange Cassidy use to be a staple of the show, now people are pissed that he beat Adam Cole, which technically wasn't even a win that counts. Hangman is over but is sometimes nonexistent on the show.

The Acclaimed is mostly stuck on youtube shows, Proud and Powerful are just there, and FTR is basically jobber to the stars now. Even as terrible as Hager is when is the last time he wrestled a BIG match? Miro seems to be in limbo and i am curious where he slots into when he returns? Janela was a someone who they featured alot at the start who gave them some cred cause he was so big on Indies and with GCW, now he won't be re-signed cause of these new hires. Its been a year since Sonny Kiss was on Dynamite i think? Ricky Starks has wrestled what like 3 matches this year, and keeps saying his neck is fine. Brian Cage will most likely not be re-signed. I didn't even realize Inner Circle or Pinnacle were still around, as it feels like they haven't been a thing for months. Remember when people were talking about Pillman Jr being a thing but instead it was a cheap run to take of advantage of his dad's dark side of the ring. 

Why invest all this time into AEW originals and have them succeed just to bump them out now that NXT is no longer a threat? And then you add New Japan guys now taking up screen time, like thay have 5 guys who can offer what Jay White brings to the table. For a company that brags about loyalty they have a funny way of showing it to the people who helped make them successful. AEW is quickly become a love letter to NXT black and Gold and New Japan

Yeah ok.