Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 22nd February 2022

Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to another Night Thread, live from a sold-out Blog of Doom.  SRO signs went out months ago for this unbelievable happening; what a tremendous night of action we have in store!

On this day back in 1993, The Hulkster made his triumphant return to Monday Night Raw, forming the formidable tag-team The Mega Maniacs with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.  The fans at the Manhattan Center were literally going bananas as The Hulkster and Brother Bruti joined forces to challenge Money Incorporated to a showdown for the WWF Tag-Team Titles at WrestleMania IX.

Talk about that and a whole lot more as we are with you deep into the night.  And remember, too many derogatory remarks and I’ll have you taken outta here in a hurry.