Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 22nd February 2022

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Sadly I wasn’t on the ball enough to pick someone for LT’s current Fire Pro Women’s Tournament, but it got off to a grand start yesterday and you can follow it here on the Blog usually around 8PM BST, so keep a look out for it.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has Raw for us. Brian has got some WWF from 1995. Thomas has got Teddy Long’s wedding from Smackdown back in 2007. Scott has some more Elevation for us

News from Cultaholic

John Morrison wrestling again in AAA

I wish him all the best to be honest and think WWE could have done more with him in his most recent run.

Elimination Chamber may have been Goldberg’s last match

I wish the Lashley match had been the last match to be honest, as it was as good as a Goldberg match in 2021 was going to get and he also got to win as well. It was the perfect way to bow out.

Today’s match is Mark Henry Vs Randy Orton from Night of Champions 2011

Have a gooden everyone!