WWF Action Zone – November 12th, 1995

November 12, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix

This week, we will have a “WWF Recall” feature on Rowdy Roddy Piper.


The hosts run down the show, which besides the Piper feature, include Barry Horowitz vs. Rad Radford and Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Smoking Gunns for the Tag Team Titles from the 11/11 edition of “WWF Superstars.”


We see the clip of the Bodydonnas training video where Skip does pushups with Sunny sitting on top of him and Radford does pushups with Bertha Faye, eating a bag of chips, on top and then we cut back to the studio where Pettengill does the “fat chick to moped” comparison joke where the punchline is they are both fun to ride until your friends see you on them. Dok gave a hearty laugh to that one.


Rad Radford defeats Barry Horowitz.


The hosts go over some of the lower card Survivor Series team matches.


King Mabel will be on America Online tomorrow night at 8pm EST.


We get another promo from Paul Bearer and The Undertaker as Undertaker says the Royals will all rest in peace as his face remains hidden.


Another replay of the Smoking Gunns playing Karate Fighters.


Back to the hosts as we get more wacky zoo crew DJ routines from the hosts.


The Roddy Piper video package airs, narrated by the Toddster himself. They also include his blackface stuff from WrestleMania VI and immediately after it was shown we heard Pettengill say Piper’s popularity transcends race. They mix in his acting clips here too. They talk up how he is a movie star now.


Now, we get a clip of Diesel from “Lifestyles” then the hosts talk about his title defense at Survivor Series against Bret Hart.


We now hear from various stars giving their predictions on the title match. We see Bertha Faye & Harvey Whippleman disagree at first but Harvey agrees at the end since Bertha says she wants Bret to win because pink is her favorite color. Jerry Lawler picks Diesel but Isaac Yankem goes with Bret because he knows from experience that Bret is the “Excellence of Execution” and the two argue.


Clip of Jerry Lawler & Isaac Yankem defeating Bret Hart & Hakushi from RAW.


Ross Report with Jim Ross is up next. Ross analyzes Diesel vs. Bret Hart from this year’s Royal Rumble match and concludes Diesel needs to remain upright and maintain a slow pace while Bret needs to target Diesel’s knees and keep his composure. The actual analysis and breakdown of the match was pretty well done to be honest. Next, we go over the Women’s Match at the Survivor Series. We see Chaparita Asari’s sky twister press finisher and Lioness Asuka (referred to as a former member of the Crush Girls) use her armbar takedown. Ross also notes Asuka retired in 1989 to become a race car driver and an announcer for tennis and martial arts before returning last year. Next, we see Tomoko Watanabe’s hip lock and back drop driver. Then we see Kyoko Inoue do her aerial moves. Ross says we will see more of the Japanese competitors next week on the “Ross Report” before plugging the Superstar Line. By far and away the best segment on this show.


Back to the hosts as Pettengill jokes with Dok about some of the Japanese women being available for a double date.


The WWF Stuff question is which wrestler has wrestled in every Survivor Series. Back from break, Dok guesses Shawn Michaels but is wrong. The correct answer is Bret Hart.


Smoking Gunns defeat Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid via DQ.


We now see the clip of Razor and Kid in the locker room as Kid gets pissed and slams the door when he notices a cameraman recording.


Hosts talk about 1-2-3 Kid being the referee for Razor vs. Sid tomorrow night where the belt can change hands on a countout or DQ.


The President Clinton impersonator talks about the Wildcard match and how congress couldn’t make something like this happen.


Interview from “Superstars” where Jim Ross is with British Bulldog & Jim Cornette and Ted DiBiase & Psycho Sid airs.


Can We Talk About is next as the WWF Superstars are asked about their favorite musical groups/acts. Most are predictable to their character. Stone Temple Pilots are a popular choice. Barry Horowitz likes Alabama. Lawler just hates all of the dorky babyfaces trying to sing.


Dok is dancing and singing to Milli Vanilli as Pettengill whispers to him that they do not sing their own songs. That was a timely joke over five years prior.


Final Thoughts: The Ross Report was decent and really the only way to find out a thing about the Japanese women competing at the Survivor Series. Besides that, most of it was recycled clips from Superstars. Plus a lot of bad comedy. Stuff that not only wasn’t funny at the time but also does not hold up at all today. However, there was something interesting and that was the Piper segment. They just randomly decided to push Roddy as a movie star here so I would expect him to appear soon on WWF TV as that is the pattern from this time period. Last time he was here it was during the dreadful Lawler feud from the year prior. Anyway, the “Action” in Action Zone is a misnomer as this is a missable recap show.