Bret’s Broken Sternum

The question the other day about favorite quote from Wrestling with Shadows had me thinking. In a doc full of great moments, my favorite has to be Bret recounting to Blade about his broken sternum. Not only telling his son he doesn’t even have a sternum yet, intercutting the story with footage of the actual house show, with Bret’s narration and impeccable memory telling the story perfectly, but best of all…. Saying he was a “wrestler I didn’t particularly want to lose to” That man? DINO BRAVO! Was Bret planting the seeds for our favorite running joke here on the blog? Or is it possible that…*gasp Bret Hart is Dino Bravo Sucks?! That would be the biggest plot twist since Vince was the Higher Power or Kevin Nash texted himself

Well of course I do know the true identity of Dino Bravo Sucks, but to protect his privacy and that of the entire organization to which he belongs, I am unable to share it.