WWF Superstars – November 11th, 1995

November 11, 1995

From the Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jim Ross.

Show starts off with a video package on the Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Smoking Gunns feud leading to their rematch tonight for the Tag Team Titles. Plus, Barry Horowitz vs. Rad Radford and Dr. Isaac Yankem will be in action too.


Owen Hart w/ Jim Cornette vs. Angel de Guerra

Vince notes that de Guerra is a “martial arts specialist” before telling us he looks like a matador. We see de Guerra has some agility at least as he does a cartwheel and a standing monkey flip before he is caught with a powerslam. Vince talks about Clarence Mason then the wildcard match at the Survivor Series as Owen suplexes de Guerra around. More talk about the wildcard match being unpredictable as Owen hits a missile dropkick then celebrates, called the “Canadian Shuffle” by Ross then Owen puts on the Sharpshooter for the win (2:19). Vince talks about Mason using his lawyer skills to get the British Bulldog a title match at the December In Your House show.

Thoughts: Quick match to get Owen a win but the real focus was on the British Bulldog facing the winner of Bret Hart vs. Diesel at the next In Your House PPV in December.


Survivor Series Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. We get hype for tomorrow night’s Lumberjack Tag Match at the Meadowlands that sees Diesel & Shawn Michaels vs. Yokozuna & Owen Hart. Dok notes that Shawn seemed “disoriented” at last night’s Nassau Coliseum show and the tension between Diesel and Bret was so much that Dok expects it to reach a boiling point tonight. Cornette is with Yokozuna cutting a promo on the tag match as Dok suspects he will pay the lumberjacks to take cheap shots at Diesel & Shawn. Also at the Meadowlands is Bret Hart vs. Bulldog.


We see Sunny sitting on top of Skip as he does pushups then yells at “chubby” Rad Radford for not being able to do them while Bertha Faye sits on top of him eating from a bag of chips. Lawler notes that Radford is carrying the “weight of the world” on his back.


The Bill Clinton impersonator is back. He says the WWF does for the people as what the United Nations does for the United States. He will also be at the Survivor Series.


Rad Radford vs. Barry Horowitz

Horowitz comes out to “Hava Nagila” as Vince talks about his involvement in the Survivor Series. We start off with a pushup competition then Horowitz shoves Radford into the ropes and lands an uppercut. Horowitz works the arm after a flurry of offense while Ross says the pressure is on Radford to beat Horowitz since Skip has been unable to do so. Horowitz gets two with a Thesz Press and decides to break that up by doing some mounted punches. The Bodydonnas come out to give Radford some water and encouragement after Horowitz sent him out with a dropkick. Horowitz slingshots Radford back inside then uses a neck snap for a two count. The hosts plug the Adventure Game on the Superstar Line as Horowitz stays in control of the match. Radford breaks up mounted punches in the corner then we go to break. The match returns with Radford stomping away as Sunny talks into the camera about doing what it takes to be a Bodydonna. Radford hits a suplex for a two count then applies a chin lock as the announcers talk about the Survivor Series. Ross alerts us that Waylon Mercy has retired from the WWF, which was broken this weekend on the Superstar Line. Radford now hits a gutwrench suplex for two then goes back to another chin lock. Horowitz escapes then wins a slug fest before running wild. Leg drop gets two then he covers again for another two count. Radford begs for mercy but Horowitz turns that into a waist lock suplex. Sunny then distracts the ref as Skip squirts water in Horowitz’s face then Radford uses a rollup and the ref turns around and counts to three as Radford gets the win (9:31) **1/4. The Bodydonnas celebrate in the aisle with Sunny taunting Horowitz.

Thoughts: A technically sound match but went on a bit too long for my liking. The Bodydonna/Horowitz stuff is out of steam so its tough to get invested in what is really like the second match on a house show. We also got the official word that Mercy retired as he was broken down plus, like many others in the company, not making much money on the road.


We get a video package on Ahmed slamming Yokozuna as Vince wants to know if it will happen again at the Survivor Series.


The Smoking Gunns talk about their title defense against Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid. They use a lot of cowboy jargon and its just as corny as you can imagine.


A video package on the Bret Hart vs. Diesel match for the Survivor Series. It stresses that this time there will be a winner this time due to the No DQ stipulation.


We now get a video package on the Bret Hart & Hakushi vs. Lawler & Isaac Yankem tag match from RAW that the latter team won via DQ. Lawler laughs and takes credit for luring Horowitz into the ring for the DQ. Vince says that Bret does not have momentum heading into Survivor Series.


Isaac Yankem heads to the ring. We then get a taped promo from The Undertaker. We can only see his shadow since he has not yet revealed his injured face (that will be shown first at the Survivor Series) but he notes Yankem’s recent success. Undertaker then tells Yankem he has become a statistic. Just some hype for the Survivor Series match as the two are on opposite teams.


Isaac Yankem DDS vs. Dave Dalton

Yankem beats on Dalton as Vince plugs tomorrow’s house show at the Meadowlands, highlighted by Diesel & Shawn Michaels vs. Yokozuna & Owen Hart in a lumberjack match. Plus, British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart and Razor Ramon vs. Goldust for the Intercontinental Title. Vince also hypes Ahmed’s Meadowlands debut. Yankem stays in control then puts Dalton away with a DDT (1:59).

Thoughts: This was mostly a way to plug the Meadowlands show, which I will review tomorrow as there is a fan cam version with a few of the key matches. And some details on Vince visiting his 3rd house show in an eight day span.


A video package on the Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Henry Godwinn feud is shown.


Jim Ross is in the ring with Jim Cornette, British Bulldog, Ted DiBiase, and Psycho Sid. Ross goes over the Wild Card match at the Survivor Series then asks Cornette & Bulldog about Ahmed Johnson. Cornette said Ahmed didn’t really slam Yokozuna and really just used a hip toss after Yokozuna slipped. Bulldog reiterates that he is not afraid of Ahmed. Ross then asks DiBiase & Sid about Shawn Michaels as DiBiase said Sid was his man before Shawn’s bodyguard while Sid calls the fans morons and that he will keep Shawn in line. Now, DiBiase asks if Cornette will really be part of their team and not just leave if Bulldog gets eliminated. Cornette assures DiBiase they are friends and accuses WWF President Gorilla Monsoon of trying to divide and conquer. DiBiase then asks Cornette about his other two men that will be on the opposite team as Cornette gives an excuse that he has an appointment and ducks out. Cornette tried here but the Wild Card concept, while having some intrigue, is just not clicking and neither did this interview. DiBiase’s effectiveness as a heel manager has also taken a nose dive.


The Gunns Karate Fighters ad is aired.


Barry Didinsky is shilling the 1996 WWF Calendar in the aisle. You get not just the calendar but also the Diesel gloves and sunglasses for just $21.00. Plus shipping & handling.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Smoking Gunns (c)

Bart press slams Kid after avoiding a kick. Razor and Billy tag in now with Razor landing a few shots. The announcers talk up Razor’s fighting skills as he catches Billy with a fallaway slam for a two count. Billy fights back and the Gunns work over Razor for a bit. Bart lands a few knee drops for a two count then we go to break. The match returns with both Billy and Razor on the mat. We see a replay of Razor using a mat slam before the break as the reason both men were on the mat. Razor then makes the tag as Kid runs wild using all sorts of kicks. The Gunns hit Kid with a back suplex/neckbreaker combo for a two count as Razor made the save. The announcers note how that is the second save Razor has made. Bart hits Kid with a backbreaker then the Gunns use an elevated clothesline for two as Razor makes another save. Ross is pissed over Razor & Kid referring to the Gunns as “country bumpkins” during an interview this weekend as the Gunns use a double slam that Razor breaks up. Razor then beats on both men and the ref has had enough and rules this a DQ (9:12) **. Ross notes how Kid is the referee to the Razor vs. Sid Intercontinental Title match this Monday night on RAW and that the title can change hands on a count out of disqualification. Kid is now visibly upset and Razor goes over to check on him. However, Kid walks out and up the aisle as Razor is in the ring.

Thoughts: Their match at In Your House last month was better. The story here was Razor costing his team the match and Kid getting upset and walking off by his own and now we can see what happens on RAW where Kid is the referee for Razor’s Intercontinental Title defense against Sid.


 Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. We hear about the 11/25 Madison Square Garden show and that Undertaker will face the winner of Bret Hart vs. Diesel from the Survivor Series. Another taped promo with Undertaker’s face not being shown airs. Undertaker says its time they look the reaper in the eye and face the consequences.


After the break, we see Razor with Kid in the locker room. Kid is pissed then slams the door when noticing the cameraman. Razor was talking about needing to focus Monday night on Sid.


Next week in action are Savio Vega, Ahmed Johnson, and the featured match of Bob Holly vs. Goldust. Plus, an interview with The Royals Survivor Series team.


We close with a hype video for next week’s featured match.


Final Thoughts: The main focus was on the Razor/Kid friendship leading into the title match on RAW. Besides that we got some Survivor Series hype but again, the most interesting drama from this period is behind the scenes as what we are seeing on screen as a product is just not captivating.