Sunday Night Reset: February 20, 2022

This week on the Blog of Doom, we have: an FMW Hoss Battle between Combat Toyoda and Aja Kong in the Joshi spotlight; Lord Steven Regal vs Eddie Guerrero as your Dream Match of the Week; and Mike takes time off from looking at opening matches to let us know what he would’ve done with WrestleMania X8.

Impact delivered a heck of a show this weekend.  I’m interested in seeing where they go with Eddie Edwards.  The cliched route is “I faked being beaten up because I’m more ROH than Impact and always have been”, but having him as a lone wolf (so to speak) who was furious he couldn’t wrestle and betrayed Impact because he felt they betrayed him would be more fun.  Plus, more matches with Matt Cardona and Jordynne Grace, please.  Those two are good at what they do.

Enjoy the night.