What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – November 12, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in charge of studio duties.

The Tito Santana-Rick Martel match from Wrestling Challenge airs.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps the Dusty Rhodes-Ted DiBiase feud.  Afterward, Heenan says that DiBiase has told him that his mystery partner will shock the world.

Battle Kat (1-0) pins Paul Diamond (1-14) after a Lou Thesz press at 1:40:

Bob Bradley, who is under the Battle Kat mask, tries to give the character some personality by twisting and turning wildly down the aisle, almost getting trapped in his cape.  The match is bad, with the Kat doing few aerial moves because of Bradley’s limitations.  Diamond does not even try to hide calling spots, saying in shoot interviews that this was the most embarrassing match of his career.  The crowd goes mild when the Kat bounces off the ropes and traps Diamond in a weak Lou Thesz press for the three count.

The Barbarian’s squash from Superstars is shown.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  The Warriors hype their chances at the Survivor Series, with the Texas Tornado giving the weakest promo of the team, saying that he hopes Mr. Perfect survives so he can beat him up.

Okerlund does the Survivor Series Report.  In the studio, Monsoon makes fun of the small size of the Heenan Family.

Mike Sharpe (0-11) defeats S.D. Jones after using a phantom foreign object at 9:08 shown:

This jobber clash is from the WWF’s recent Madison Square Garden show, which took place on October 19.  What unfolds is a slow, pre-Hulk Hogan era WWF match that draws little heat.  The biggest move used is a Jones body slam that gets a near-fall.  Adding to the disaster is the referee, who gets into position late and counts slowly.  After a lot of clubberin’ Sharpe pulls a phantom object out of his tights and blasts Jones to score his first win of the year.  With matches like this it is little wonder why Prime Time’s ratings were falling.  Rating:  DUD

A replay of Brother Love’s interview with the Perfect Team on Superstars airs.

Monsoon hypes the Prime Time Wrestling “Survivor Series Showdown” Special, which will air this Sunday.  Matches include Tito Santana vs. Sergeant Slaughter, Marty Jannetty vs. Rick Martel, the Big Bossman vs. Earthquake, Bret Hart vs. the Honky Tonk Man, and the Texas Tornado vs. Smash.

The Legion of Doom-Orient Express match on Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s squash from Superstars airs.

Jimmy Snuka’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

The Warlord (19-0) pins Koko B. Ware (12-3-1) after a stun gun at 8:08:

This match is also from the recent Madison Square Garden event.  It is only the Warlord’s second feature match since breaking out as a single before WrestleMania VI.  The Warlord does deliberate pounding throughout, stifling any efforts by Ware to speed things up.  A blind charge lets Ware connect with a missile dropkick for a near-fall.  However, Ware charges the Warlord after that and loses to a stun gun.  The match was mostly a squash for the Warlord.  Ware’s ability to keep the crowd behind him is why he still had a place in the company.  Rating:  ½*

A replay of the British Bulldog’s squash on Wrestling Challenge two weeks ago airs.

More promos from Mooney!  The Natural Disasters warn Hulk Hogan that he will end up facing all four of them when they eliminate his partners and that will be the end of his career.

Mr. Perfect’s squash from Wrestling Challenge is shown.

The Last Word:  This was an awful show.  Lots of replays of action from previous shows and the feature matches were terrible.  The Battle Kat gimmick needs to die a quick death because Bob Bradley does not have the skillset to pull it off.

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