Shadows at (almost) 25

Hi Scott, just watched Wrestling With Shadows again after some years and it’s still a masterpiece, although one that gets sadder and sadder with the passing of time. What are your favorite portions of the film and who are some of your favorite characters? I loved the profile on Stu, (“Have some discipline, have some discipline.”) especially the part where you could hear him chuckling when stretching out that poor guy. And I felt so much for Helen, as you could see how much she despised the business. In a sad way, Montreal made Bret into sort of a household name, but if Montreal never happens, how do you think we remember him? 

I think Bret would have kind of faded into the background as an office guy and it’s actually kind of a weird blessing to his legacy that it happened to him.  Kind of like the “may you live in interesting times” curse.