Hi Scott,
As good as the Sammy vs. Darby match was on Dynamite, I kept finding myself distracted by Bryce Remsburg physically reacting to EVERY SINGLE MOVE as if he was selling the moves himself. I notice this every time he refs a match, actually, but that one was particularly distracting. Do you notice that at all? I feel like the best referees shouldn't be noticed unless it's part of the story of the match. I actually think he's a really good referee when he's not overdramatically hamming it up as if he's supposed to be one of the focal points. But if my attention is drawn to his antics instead of what the wrestlers are doing, I feel like he's actively taking away from the match. (And if you haven't noticed this before, I apologize for bringing it to your attention because you won't be able to unsee it from this point forward.)

Nobody pays attention to referees.  Anyone who gets knocked out by a shoulder tackle isn’t worthy of mention.