HHH vs Cody

While it seems very unlikely after Vince and Bruce Prichard conspired to basically give HHH a heart attack, does HHH vs Cody at Mania not make so much sense that it almost feels like they have to find a way to do it?

Cody's past run-ins with the Authority and DX, Steph getting Dusty taken off TV shortly before he died, WWE briefly taking Cody's last name from him, HHH presiding over Dusty's legacy, Cody smashing the throne with a sledgehammer, AEW vs NXT, Cody's success
in AEW leading to HHH losing control of NXT, Cody coming back to a company he feels didn't give him the respect he deserved, a company for whom HHH was an on-screen and off-screen authority figure… there's so much there that they could use and I can't think
of a bigger Mania match for Cody that would make more sense for both men involved.

A shame it's unlikely to happen.

Everything I've heard indicates that HHH is likely unable to ever wrestle again, unless he's had some sort of miracle recovery.  But yes, it would definitely be a huge match with a lot of layers.  They could even do the mixed tag smoke and mirrors with Brandi and Steph if needed.