Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 18th February 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m hardly the biggest Karate Kid fan in the world (I do like it, but Turtles and Power Rangers were more my jam in my younger days when it came to Kung Fu exploits) but I did pop at seeing John Kreese show up on Dynamite. Not to mention Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Does Daria show up next week to dryly insult Penelope Forde and The Bunny with a withering putdown?

I’ve done another Top 10 Matches for Gaming Respawn, this time focusing on 1999. I must admit that this list was a bit trickier to come up with and I’m willing to bet quite a few will disagree with my #1 pick. Anyone who knows what I liked during the 90’s promotion wise shouldn’t be too surprised though. I’ll post the link below if you want to read it and then put me on blast.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got classic Superstars for us. Andy has the indies thread. J.W. has another Friday Flashback Magazine Retrospective. Logan has some WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Nikki Bella can’t return full-time

I actually think using her as a special attraction works better for everyone anyway. She’s a star to their fan base and being able to shine the Bella Signal 5-6 times a year is probably better for WWE than having her as a regular character

Minoru Suzuki to work WrestleCon

I’ve been reading the retro Observers over on F4W as they’ve recently uploaded some from 2005. Dave Meltzer constantly bagging on Suzuki and marvelling that NOAH was able to do such an effective job promoting a “washed up shoot fighter who is basically a Junior Heavyweight” was something I was not expecting to read, but there you are. He was NOT a Suzuki fan back then. But then again, he tore into Tamon Honda every week as well and I thought Honda was decent, so maybe Dave’s standards were just impossibly high at the time?

Today’s match is JYD and Davey Boy Smith against The Hart Foundation

Have a gooden everyone!