Cody Rhodes and the biggest mistake AEW made (IE no competing for the World Title)

Can we agree that the whole “Cody can't challenge for the world title” thing was a HUGE freaking mistake AEW made, in hindsight?

Cody should have beaten Moxley for the belt then had a long run, with Cody as a Stan Smith from American Dad type anti-hero who does whatever he wants but ultimately does the right thing with the proper browbeating. Let him feud with Omega as part of a “OK, no one gives a flying f--- about Kenny so we are starting 100% from scratch reintroducing Kenny to American fans who don't give a s--- about Japan and think Bullet Club was just AJ Styles and the Good Brothers Horsemen Cover Band Stable” and get Kenny over as a heel that way.

Not to mention it would have meant Cody and a face version of FTR hooking up to fight Omega and the Bucks, along with Adam Hangman Page versus Cody with Page going full heel Millennial villain who drinks and does evil s--- like terrorizes Brandi, Dustin, Arn as part of a campaign against Cody to weaken him before facing him for the world title, with MJF being the heel whisperer who gets Page to turn evil as part of his long game war with Cody to get the belt off of Cody.


OK, Jesse's weighed in on the Cody departure, time to shut the topic down for good now.