Cody leaving – a win-win for all?

Is Cody leaving AEW the rare case where both sides make out better for the deal? Like a high quality sports trade?

WWE is desperately low on acts that move the needle. Their fans need a jolt since everyone has been leaving. Sure Vince may overpay, but it's a big move that obviously gets people talking and Cody makes a ton of money.

AEW definitely didnt need Cody anymore – he was an asset, of course, but he wasn't a main event guy anymore.

It's just felt more and more like Cody was out of place. At Full Gear, that show was loaded with great matches and the one that stuck out was the Cody tag. I was at the DC show when he gave that rambling ladder promo, and it felt like he was out there giving an old IN THIS BUSINESS promo Hunter used to do, whereas Moxley's promo earlier that night was quicker, better, and felt more like AEW.

At first, I was stunned by the news. But after thinking about it for 24 hours, it seems like it's in the best interest for all parties, and that almost never happens in pro wrestling. Your thoughts? 
Hey, Bron Breakker needs guys to work with and put him over and NXT needs viewers pretty desperately, plus we know Cody loves living in Orlando, so he'll fit in great down there!  They can even have him present the Dusty Rhodes Cup to the winning team of the sleepy girl and Crazy Dakota to really put it over.  I see big things ahead for young Cody.