WWF Monday Night RAW – November 6th, 1995


November 6th, 1995

From the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

Tonight, we have Bret Hart & Hakushi vs. Isaac Yankem & Jerry Lawler plus British Bulldog vs. Marty Jannetty.


We start off with a replay from last week where Ahmed Johnson made his debut and slammed Yokozuna after the latter attacked Razor Ramon from behind.


The hosts talk about the show as Dok is replacing Lawler, who is getting ready for his tag team match tonight.


British Bulldog w/ Jim Cornette vs. Marty Jannetty

This match is due to Bulldog roughing up Marty during the Intercontinental Title #1 Contender battle royal then Marty got revenge last week by attacking Bulldog during an interview. Bulldog runs over Marty to start. Marty stops short of a leapfrog and pokes Bulldog in the eye then they go back-and-forth ending with Marty landing an enziguiri for a two count. Marty works the arm then kicks towards Cornette, who was getting too close to the apron. Bulldog catches Marty with an overhead press then drops him throat-first across of the top rope. We go split screen to attorney Clearance Mason as he said Bulldog will face the winner of Bret Hart vs. Diesel at Survivor Series for a title match at the December In Your House show. Bulldog then hits Marty with a delayed vertical suplex then applies a chin lock. Bulldog catches Marty with a knee to the gut then sends him back to the mat for a two count before going back to the chin lock. The announcers talk about Bulldog ducking out of the ring to avoid Ahmed Johnson last week. Marty fights out and uses a crucifix for a two count but Bulldog turns him inside out with a clothesline. Bulldog hits a leg drop for two then roughs up Marty as we go to break. We return as Bulldog has Marty in another chin lock. Marty escapes then both men collide and end up on the mat. Bulldog is up first and covers for two before going back to yet another chin lock. Unsurprisingly, there is very little crowd heat for this match. Bulldog tosses Marty outside then distracts the ref so Cornette can land a few cheap shots. Marty slingshots back inside with a sunset flip but that gets blocked and Bulldog goes back to another chin lock. Marty fights out in the corner but misses an attack and ends up getting stomped while in the tree-of-woe position. Bulldog goes back to another chin lock, his 6th of the match. Marty fights out then catches Bulldog with a back elbow smash. Marty uses a blockbuster (called a “tremendous maneuver” by Vince) then fires up after a jumping back elbow smash. Marty uses a mat slam and the crowd awakes a bit. Marty hits a DDT for a nearfall as Bulldog got his foot on the ropes but misses a charge in the corner and rams his shoulder into the post then Bulldog hits a running power slam for the win (9:31 shown) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not much of a match here as the constant chin lock, escape chin lock, back into chin lock formula does not excite the masses. Neither guy was particularly motivated here and the only thing good was Marty’s segment at the end. But, the big news is that the attorney was able to get Bulldog another title shot since he won by DQ at “In Your House 4” when attacked by Bret Hart. This also tips off the result of the Bret/Diesel match if you ask me.


The Bill Clinton impersonator talks up the WWF and how he will be present at the Survivor Series.


Dok is ringside with Cornette & Bulldog. Cornette talks about WWF President being forced into doing what is right by giving Bulldog another title shot. Cornette then said at In Your House they will show how Bulldog should have been champion all along and that the wildcard match at Survivor Series, Bulldog will take Shawn Michaels apart if Shawn tries to cross him. Bulldog then talks about facing the champion at In Your House in a brief promo shitty even by his standards.


We go backstage and see Barry Horowitz act as a translator between Bret Hart & Hakushi to prepare for their tag match.


We see a clip from “Superstars” where Bam Bam Bigelow interrupted Goldust’s interview to challenge him to a match. This leads to these two now having a match at the Survivor Series.


Henry O. Godwinn vs. Terry Richards

For those unaware, Richards would go on to become Rhino. He is just 20 years old here. Richards pounds away in the corner but misses an attack and gets slammed. Godwinn drops an elbow as Vince talks about the Godwinn/Helmsley feud and how the two will be facing off next week. Godwinn gouges Richards face as Dok wants to know if Helmsley will get slopped. Godwinn stays in control as Vince lists off all who have been slopped by Godwinn then he puts Richards away with the Slop Drop (2:05). Godwinn then rolls Richards outside after the match and follows him out but runs out to attack Helmsley from behind. Helmsley then hits the Pedigree on the floor and after that puts on rubber gloves to pick up the slop bucket and he pours it all over Godwinn. Helmsley then walks backstage and sees Godwinn on the video wall as Vince puts over next week’s match.

Thoughts: For a midcard feud, Helmsley/Godwinn sure is getting a lot of TV time. The feud itself has been fine, especially when you look at the other midcard programs going on at the moment. I liked the post match attack by Helmsley here as well.


Survivor Series Slam Jam with Todd Pettengill. Since Dok is the host of RAW we get Pettengill in the Slam Jam studio. He talks about Mabel challenging Undertaker on “Mania” this week and now we get an elimination match. The Undertaker’s Team of the “Dark Side” will include Fatu, Savio Vega, and Godwinn against “The Royals” as Mabel will have Lawler, Yankem, and Helmsley. We get another promo with Undertaker & Bearer as Undertaker still is not looking into the camera as we will finally see his damaged face at Survivor Series. Next, we hear from Diesel as he tells Bret there will not be any countouts or disqualifications and we will find out who will be the best. We also learn that next week, Bret and Diesel will have a face-to-face interview. They’ve finally filled out the rest of the Survivor Series card. No mentions of the matches we saw announced on Action Zone, however.


Kama heads down to the ring with Ted DiBiase


Barry Didinsky dumps a Ziploc back of 1,000 Madcaps and the two prizm slammers for just $21. They are begging people to buy this s---.


Back from break where we see another replay of Ahmed Johnson slamming Yokozuna. Vince said that Ahmed slammed 641 lbs. That weight might not be gimmicked. Ahmed will make his RAW debut next week.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Tony Roy

Kama takes Roy down a few times as Vince tells us to call the Superstar Line and learn about Razor Ramon’s Intercontinental Title match for next week. Shawn Michaels calls in now and says that he feels better than ever after returning to the ring this weekend. Kama hammers away as Shawn jokes about always being a “little disoriented” then talks about being impressed with Ahmed Johnson and happy to be on his own side at Survivor Series. Kama stays in control as Shawn jokes about nine guys beating him up again at the PPV then Kama pins Roy with a right hand just as Shawn hung up (3:09).

Thoughts: Match was nothing more than a backdrop for Shawn’s phone call. The call confirmed that he in fact returned to shows this weekend and will be at this PPV, unlike what happened at the last In Your House.


We get a video package to hype next week’s Razor Ramon vs. Psycho Sid Intercontinental Title match that has 1-2-3 Kid as the special guest referee. We also learn that the title can change hands on a count out or disqualification. And, as these recaps continue, we will learn about the backstage politics about this match. Fun times ahead.


Jerry Lawler & Isaac Yankem make their way to the ring.


A Karate Fighters match between the Smoking Gunns take place. Billy wins with Thunderfoot. Bart wants a rematch then Billy yells “yeehaw” and they go at it again this week. However, next week, Lawler and Vince will face off.


Jerry “The King” Lawler & Isaac Yankem DDS vs. Bret Hart & Hakushi w/Barry Horowitz

Yankem beats on Bret in the corner to start. Bret avoids a charge then works on the arm. Yankem catches Bret with a bearhug but Bret bites his way out before tagging Hakushi. We see Hakushi also work the arm after coming in with a splash but Yankem traps him in the corner. Yankem uses a few elbow smashes but Hakushi escapes and hits the handspring back elbow smash then backs him into the corner. Bret even roughs up Yankem behind the ref’s back as Dok says he needs that mean streak at the Survivor Series. Bret tags in and drops Yankem with a clothesline then a headbutt to the gut gets two. Bret continues to work over Yankem and gets a few nearfalls before tagging out. Hakushi whips Yankem into the corner but this time Yankem counters the handspring with a clothesline as Lawler jumps up and down on the apron with excitement. Yankem tosses Hakushi over the top rope but Hakushi hung on and takes Yankem outside with a springboard dropkick to the back. Hakushi flies out with a pescado after that but gets caught and rammed into the post. Yankem rams Hakushi into the apron then takes the action back into the ring. Lawler finally tags in and piledrives Hakushi but instead of making a pin decides to taunt the crowd. Lawler then hits another piledriver and goes to taunt Bret as that allows Yankem to sneak in and stomp away. The heels continue to run interference to maintain control. We go to break and return to see Hakushi escape from a bearhug then take Yankem down with a leg trip. Yankem blocks a dropkick and puts Hakushi in a Boston Crab but Bret runs in for the save. Lawler tags and hits a few fist drops but is caught coming off of the top rope. Both men tag out then Bret runs wild and puts Yankem in the Sharpshooter. Lawler tries to run in but Hakushi takes him outside but the ref is not seeing Yankem tap out. The ref orders Hakushi back on the apron so Lawler grabs a chair and tries to hit Bret but Horowitz runs in and makes the save and chases Lawler away with the chair but the ref turns around and signals for the bell. Bret and Horowitz plead with the referee but his mind cannot be changed and Lawler & Yankem win via DQ (10:44) **.

Thoughts: The match itself was decent enough until the finish. I don’t know why they had to protect Isaac Yankem at this point but they did. I guess since we got a lame DQ involving Bret here it will somehow tie into the No DQ match at the Survivor Series but if that is the intent, then come up with a much better than the ref seeing Barry Horowitz holding a chair.


An ad for the World Tour de Force house show dates airs.


The hosts go over next week’s show and we see a replay of Helmsley slopping Godwinn. Vince was in all his glory here as you would expect.


Back from break as we get a brief preview of next week’s show as they are not making any bones of this being a taped show.


Final Thoughts: They had some build for the PPV and Survivor Series but the action here was not good and there still is not any type of feud or storyline that can capture any interest. The house show numbers and worker morale is in the toilet too as the backstage turmoil is the most interesting part of this time period. The World Title match at Survivor Series has some intrigue but again, there seems to be no real point of this wildcard concept and the undercard matches are not too exciting.


Tomorrow’s recap will be a fancam version of the 11/10/95 house show from Nassau Coliseum.